Roman Reigns On Elimination Chamber Pain, Outside Talent In WWE, Headlining WrestleMania

Following the WWE Elimination Chamber, the number one contender for the Universal Championship, Roman Reigns, spoke with ESPN about a variety of topics. Below are some highlights:

Elimination Chamber Pain

“I feel terrible, to be honest,” Reigns told ESPN as he walked to the locker room. “You go through your training and you go through your developmental, but nobody teaches you how to wrestle in a structure like the Elimination Chamber or Hell in a Cell. These aren’t things that you learn to do when you’re coming up. They take their toll on you.”

Outside Talent In WWE

“It’s great. We’re trying to spread the word about our form of entertainment,” Reigns said. “We’re just trying to entertain families and pull them out of their regular lives and take them on a vacation for a little bit. When you have a guy like Brock Lesnar and you have a woman like Ronda Rousey, they have that crossover appeal and that legitimacy, so whenever you can put them in this entertainment world, it just adds a greater mystique.”

Main Eventing WrestleMania

It’s hard to really appreciate these moments,” Reigns said. “My whole career has felt like it’s been in fast forward. We don’t have an offseason, and that’s the situation we all signed up for. It would be great if we had four months to just relax, reflect and digest it all, but we just keep it moving. There are 52 weeks a year, and the world needs its entertainment and its professional wrestling. But there are moments you want to soak it in. So hopefully one day, I can be home, chilling with my kids, crack a beer open, and sit back and think on what I’ve done.

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