RISE aims to create system to test student thinking skills

A plan that aims to provide mind-expanding activities and courses as well as a thinking skills assessment system for students aged 3 to 12 was launched by RISE Education Cayman Ltd on Dec 26.

As China’s major after-school English lessons provider, the company will try to work out standards and indicators of thinking skills development and exams to test students’ logical, analytical, critical and creative thinking skills in the following two or three years. Besides, such technologies as artificial intelligence and augmented reality have been used in RISE’s classes, where students would enjoy immersive learning experiences in processing information, making decisions and creating new ideas.

Sun Yiding, CEO of the company, said that RISE has attached great importance to quality education which highlights the cultivation of all-around ability for each student. The thinking skills assessment system will contribute to further developing quality education and China’s education sector.

Mei Deming, a professor of English and linguistics at Shanghai International Studies University, adds that research on how to cultivate and test children’s thinking abilities is worth conducting as the key to mastering a foreign language lies in looking into the foreign culture and understanding the thinking process, value and world-views of people from that culture.

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