Report: TNA Close To Reaching Deal On Sale Of Company

TNA is reportedly close to reaching an agreement on the sale of the company. Dave Meltzer reported on Monday’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that the TNA situation “is coming to a head.”

Billy Corgan and Aroluxe Marketing have both put money into TNA in recent months and became minority shareholders. TNA has been signing talent to exclusive deals as leverage for sale negotiations. Finances in TNA have reportedly been so tight that production staff went months without being paid, and the company’s June 14th Slammiversary pay-per-view almost didn’t happen if it weren’t for some last-minute funding.

As of press time, there’s no word on who TNA’s buyer is. Three previously-reported potential buyers include an unnamed cable TV company, a company that specializes in troubled assets, and Aroluxe marketing, who are already handling TNA’s production and doing business as “TNA” on paper.

Earlier this year, Dixie Carter went to TNA’s international partners Sony Six in India and Challenge TV in the UK to offer them 10 percent of the company for funding, but they were not interested.

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