RAW Report Detroit, Michigan 1/24/11

This last RAW before the Royal Rumble stars with Edge coming out to the ring, big smile on his face. King talks about how The Corre attacked Edge on last week’s SD! The fans are wild for Edge. He grabs a mic and says he doesn’t feel like waiting. Off comes his shirt to show taped ribs. He’s never liked waiting. He doesn’t like waiting at the DMV, he doesn’t like the guy in front of him at the store to pay by check. He doesn’t like to wait at the metal detector at the airport for the guy in front of him to realize that his belt buckle made of metal is actually made of metal! He’s sick of waiting, in vain mind you, for Cole to stop being a tool! Huge pop for this! He doesn’t feel like waiting right now. Why doesn’t Miz come out there right now so they –

Ding-Ding! Heat for Cole. Cole asks Edge about missing this, hasn’t he? And I quote, “Edge, I know you’re very anxious to have your Champion versus Champion Match, but I’ve scheduled it for later tonight. Fortunately for you, I haven’t forgotten about the disrespect you showed me when you were part of the RAW roster. That’s why I have arranged for a special exhibition right now. Edge, whichever of these three men who throw you over the top will win the advantageous position of number 40 in this Sunday’s Royal Rumble Match. Ring the bell please.”

Over The Top Rope Challenge – Edge Vs. Swagger & Drew McIntyre & Tyson Kidd

Swagger runs for the ring and eats a spear. Then there’s Drew McIntyre and Tyson Kidd approaching. Punches on Drew, but then Kidd kicks him in the head. Scoop slam to Kidd and then Edge throws Kidd over the top and out.

Eliminated – Kidd

Big kick to Edge’s head from Drew. Drew tried to send Edge over the top, but Swagger stops Drew. Swagger beats on Drew, then after Edge, but Edge quickly eliminates him

Eliminated – Swagger

Drew on Edge with a kick to Edge’s ribs. Drew tries to muscle Edge up, but Edge throws Drew out over the top.

Winner – Edge

Edge thanks the RAW GM. Thanks for getting his juices flowing. He’ll go out back and get ready for his match with Miz, but first he’d like to do something. Something he did last time on this show. Edge out on the apron. He asks who’d like to see a smashed laptop computer? Edge to the floor, but then Cole cuts him off to protect the computer. King says he wants a smashed computer and a smashed Cole.

CM Punk leads Nexus to the stage, then out to the ring. They walks slowly to the ring, Edge stands by the computer, chair in hand. They all get into the ring. Mason Ryan is with Nexus. Punk grabs a mic and says that in this world only the strong survive. The strong survive not just from being strong, but because they evolve. Last week it was announced the Royal Rumble Match would have 40 participants, making it be the biggest Royal Rumble Match ever. Seeing his surroundings change, so he adapts, Nexus expands. Last week we saw Nexus expand with this man. Punk introduces Mason Ryan. Ryan says he only has one thing to say, faith. Punk says he couldn’t have said it more eloquently. The men in the ring are bonded by faith. Unlike Cena. Unlike that fake, faithless, poor mans Nexus on SD!, the Corre, their faith will be rewarded as they work toward one goal. They’ll see Punk become the winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble Match. Not only will he go on to main event WM, but Nexus will become the most powerful group ever seen in WWE.

The Corre out to the ring, not led by Wade, but as a group. Wade says the only poor man’s Nexus is the ones in front of him. Unlike Nexus, they’re equals. Big Zeke says they will unite at the Royal Rumble Match to make sure they eliminate Punk. Ryan steps up into Zeke’s face.

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “If I’m going to give SD Superstars an open invitation to come to RAW, they have to play by my rules. With Long sidelined, I alone have the authority to make this very special match. Tonight leader of Corre, Wade Barrett will face the leader of Nexus, Punk in a match. The stakes are high because whoever loses will see himself and their entire group out of the Royal Rumble Match. The Special Guest Ref for this match will be someone you’re both familiar with. The ref will be John Cena.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – Sheamus eliminated three men, then Henry eliminated Sheamus. Alberto came out and taunted Henry from his car, spoke about his destiny to win the Royal Rumble Match and be the greatest of the great!

JoMo & Henry Vs. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio

JoMo out in his slo-mo way. Henry out with a smile. Sheamus out in his King garb. Ricardo announces Alberto who comes out in a 2003 Bentley.

JoMo and Alberto lock up. JoMo backed into a corner, then a cheap kick on JoMo. Alberto stomps JoMo to the mat. JoMo’s face bounced into the heel corner, then Sheamus tags in. JoMo fights back with an arm drag, then a drop kick for two. Alberto tags in and tries to work over JoMo, but is slammed to the mat. A kick to Alberto’s chest, then a Russian leg sweep. JoMo goes for starship pain, but Sheamus pulls Alberto out of the way. JoMo sees and lands on his feet.

– Commercial

Sheamus pulled JoMo off the apron hard, then Alberto works JoMo over in the ring. Alberto pins for two. Alberto holds JoMo’s ankle so he can’t tag out. Alberto slammed JoMo down hard, then tags in Sheamus. Tarver is watching on a monitor backstage. Sheamus pulls JoMo into a harsh clothesline. Sheamus screams for the fans, then kicks at JoMo on the mat. A chin/arm hold on JoMo on the mat. Knee drops to JoMo’s face, then back on JoMo with the hold on the mat. JoMo punches free, but right into a backbreaker. Sheamus pins for two. Sheamus pounds his chest. Sheamus tries for the brogue kick, but JoMo ducks and then kicks Sheamus in the back of the head. Both are able to tag out.

Head butts, three of them, to Alberto. Henry hit a huge clothesline on Alberto, then accidentally stepped on his hand. Henry pins, but Sheamus breaks it. Henry works over Sheamus, then Alberto in for another huge clothesline. Brogue kick to Henry, but then a huge flash kick to Sheamus from JoMo. Sheamus rolls out and JoMo hits a huge corkscrew out on Sheamus. Alberto locks his arm hold on Henry who taps out.

Winners – Sheamus & Alberto

Video of the high points. The heels celebrate in the ring, Ricardo outside claps.

Backstage, split screen, Melina and Natalya head for the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Divas Championship Match – Natalya © Vs. Melina

Melina out in purple, looking very pretty. Natalya out in pink to face her.

Melina swaggers toward Natalya, then grabs her in a choke. The ref backs her off, but then Melina tackles Natalya through the ropes. Melina out and beats on Natalya, then back in with more abuse on Natalya. Melina pins for two. Melina traps Natalya’s arms with her legs! Natalya manages to stand up with Melina on her back. It is a bit sloppy, but then she slams Melina back into a corner. Natalya rushes Melina who wraps her legs around Natalya’s head, then kicks her in the head. Natalya hit a hip toss that Melina almost didn’t rotate through. Melina then flung by her hair, badly! Clothesline to Natalya, then Melina stomps Natalya in the boob!

Melina drops a leg between Natalya’s legs, but Natalya grabbed it and reversed into a Sharpshooter! In typical Melina’s flexible fashion, Natalya is laying almost on her back with the hold on Melina! Melina taps.

Winner – Natalya

Lay-Cool out on the stage. Michelle says they have good news. Layla says in 6 days Natalya will lose some weight. Michelle says Natalya will have to shop in the plus sized section the rest of her life. She’ll never look like them. This Sunday they’re bringing the Divas Division back from being classless to being flawless. Natalya looked sweaty, but not worried.

– Commercial

Video from last Monday when Cena faced Punk. Ryan showed up on the apron, then Punk took one for the team when Ryan kicked Punk so he’d win via DQ. Nexus then beat Cena down, hard. Nexus was worried about Ryan beating down Punk, but he kneeled and Punk put a Nexus armband on the Batista-clone.

Backstage Nexus is worried about Punk losing. He comes in and says they’ve all made sacrifice for Nexus. Last week he sacrificed to Ryan, getting kicked to win over Cena. At the Royal Rumble Match they will all sacrifice for Punk to win. Punk goes on to WM and all their lives will change. Husky’s head is down. He asks what happens if Punk’s in first, but none of Nexus come out until 20th and Punk’s eliminated. Ryan says Punk will not be eliminated. Punk says he’s right, don’t bog down with hypotheticals. They need to contain the Corre so he can beat Wade. McGillicutty asks about Cena, he won’t let Punk win. Punk says he’ll win. It’s Wade who’s made Cena’s life a living hell, not Punk. They all need to have faith. Have faith. Punk tells them to take a knee. All on their knees, fists in together.

Josh with Cena backstage. Josh asks about Cena being Special Guest Ref for the main event? Cena says as a distinguished and decorated WWE official, he’s always done the right thing. Tonight will be no different. He doesn’t know what happens, but if Punk wins, he’ll eliminate each of them at the Royal Rumble Match. If Wade should win, well then, he’ll have to deal with the Corre, spelled with two R’s. he found out earlier that the extra R stands for – Miz and Riley walk in. Miz asks, really? Cena says the R stands for rectal that is completely appropriate right now. Riley and Miz laugh horribly. Cena asks if they’ve watched The Shining?

Miz says what they don’t know is winning the Royal Rumble Match could be bad if they decide to face Miz. Did he see the beating he gave Orton last week? Just like the beating he’s going to give the second rate Champion, Edge. Cena says please, right now, try and give him the worst beating of his life. Miz says not yet. Cena says they bogarted their way in with nothing to say. Miz loses at RR, then loses his rematch. He doesn’t make it to WM. And they need to make their way to a shower, they smell like raw sewage. Miz asks Josh if he’s going to lose at the Royal Rumble? He throws Josh out and asks the fans the same thing and they all cheer. Miz calls for the footage. They roll the video of Miz and Riley beating down Orton last Monday. Miz ended it saying that he’s awesome.

Champion Vs. Champion Match – Edge Vs. Miz w/ Riley

Cole goes on about everyone in the Universe showing Miz some respect! Miz’s music and he comes out with Riley in tow. Edge out to huge pop. Edge slides in and poses for the fans on a corner. Both Miz and Edge hold their straps high as they stare each other down. Dolph’s music hits and he comes out with Vickie in leather pants on his arm. They head to announce.

Edge and Miz circle each other. Edge ducks a Miz kick. Miz again misses with a kick. Edge catches a Miz kick and then throws punches. Miz runs into a back elbow. A kick to Miz’s ribs. Miz into a corner and elbows out, dropping Edge to the mat. Edge dodges Miz and they circle. Dolph says Miz is doughier than him. Miz with his arms around Edge’s waist, but Edge free and clotheslines Miz from the ring.

– Commercial

King says to Vickie that he’s surprised she’s there. He thought she’d be off attending the birth of her next boyfriend. Big knee to Edge. Miz stomps Edge’s gut, and again. Boot to Edge’s head, then Miz pins for two. Chinlock to Edge with a knee in Edge’s back. Edge to his feet and elbows out, but Miz grabs a handful of hair and Edge is slammed back. Miz stomps Edge, but then telegraphs into a swinging neck breaker!

Edge sets Miz up, but Miz slides out of the ring to avoid the spear. Edge follows and Miz kicks him in the ribs. Miz tries to send Edge into the barrier, but Edge reverses and it’s Miz who hits hard. Miz into the ring, Edge climbs, but Miz attacks with blows. Both up on a corner, Miz trying for a superplex, but blows and Miz flies off to the mat. Edge flies off in a cross body on Miz for two. Miz is whipped, then whipped to the other corner. Edge stomps Miz in a corner as King comments on Vickie’s dress. She tells him she’s wearing pants. Dolph says that women can wear pants these days. Edge rushes Miz, but he moves out of the way and Edge into the corner. Miz hangs Edge up top. Edge crumbles to the apron. Vickie says she’ll bring King glasses next time. He asks her not to as he’d see her better that way.

– Commercial

Miz pins Edge for one. Blows on Edge, then stomps until the ref drags him off. Miz with a chinlock and body scissors on Edge in the center of the ring. Dolph says it’s his time, Edge will be in the danger zone this Sunday. Edge hit’s a back body drop to free himself of Miz.

Edge hit’s a flapjack on Miz. Forearm to Miz, then another. Miz slammed face first to the mat for two. Miz slams Edge into a corner, Miz’s shoulder in his gut. Miz runs for Edge, but Edge moves Edge rolls Miz up for two. Edge leaves the ring to yell at Riley. Edge climbs in and Miz rolls him up for two. Edge runs the ropes and ends up baseball sliding into Riley! Riley flew through the air beautifully! Miz kicks at Miz, but Edge kicks back and hit’s a DDT on Miz. Edge down in a corner, waiting. Dolph leaves announce and trips Edge. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Edge via DQ

Dolph in with a zig-zag on Edge. Suddenly Orton’s there sliding in, taking a bunch down like pins! He takes down Miz, then Dolph, then Riley. Orton chases and grabs Miz and attacks. Back in the ring an RKO on Riley, then Dolph. Miz in with Riley’s case to the back of Orton’s knees. Miz flees, Orton kicks the case from the ring then glares at Miz who flees to the stage with his strap. Orton’s music plays as he stares holds in Miz.

– Commercial

Josh with Wade. He asks for the difference between Punk’s Nexus and Corre. He originally thought it should be all about the group. But then he got obsessed with the Title and humiliating Cena. But now he’s with Corre. Corre has no leadership issues as they’re all equals. The rest of the Corre step up. Josh says Long was found unconscious on SD and many believe – Wade says he won’t dignify that with a response. He hopes Long fully recovers. Tonight they’re here to make sure Punk and Nexus don’t make it into the Royal Rumble Match. He knows Cena will never like him, but he hopes Cena will grow to respect him, the way he respects Cena.

Bryan & Nikki Bella & Brie Bella Vs. Ted DiBiase & Maryse & Alicia Fox

Bryan in the ring with the Bellas, both in tiny two piece leopard outfits. Ted comes out with Maryse in black and red and Fox in bright red.

Bryan and Ted lock up. Shoulder block drops Bryan. Hit toss to Ted, then they face off, but Maryse tagged in! A Bella in with a kick to her gut, then Maryse whipped into a corner. Maryse comes out into a beautiful flipping move that landed Maryse on her back on the mat. Clothesline to Maryse as the other Bella makes her move on Bryan on the apron. The Bella in the ring is distracted and Maryse rolls her up for three.

Winners – Ted & Maryse & Fox

The Bellas argue outside the ring as Bryan tries to stop them. They argue up the ramp, Bryan looking bewildered. Maryse over to high five Cole. She flips her hair. She’s all smiles, Ted isn’t.

– Commercial

Cole and King talk about Royal Rumble this Sunday and the matches slated for that fabulous night.

Backstage the Bellas argue about what they each are doing. They argue about who’s jealous. Brie says Bryan will want to be with someone who didn’t lose. They step in to see Bryan making out with Gail Kim. He says she’s his girlfriend. They’ve been seeing each other for about six months, but have wanted to keep it quiet. The Bellas say they thought he was – He answers, Vegan? Yes, he is, he doesn’t eat any meat. They’re pissed that he’s been stinging them along. Kim says the only reason he’s been hanging out with them is that he feels sorry for them. There’s no guest stars around, so they have nothing to do. They ask how long it’s been since this afterthought was on TV? Kim bitch slaps one and the fighting ensues. A couple refs in and break it up. Kim and Bryan end up back on the sofa and asks if Kim’s okay.

The Nexus out to the ring.

– Commercial

Did You Know? – Last Friday, SD entertained its largest audience ever, continuing its reign as SyFy’s #1 show.

This Friday, Edge and Orton will face Dolph and Miz on SD!

Nexus Vs. Kozlov & Santino w/ Tamina

Nexus, minus Punk are still in the ring, waiting. Santino with Tamina in a pretty dress with her hair up and Kozlov out to the ring.

Kozlov and McGillicutty start, McGillicutty punching away until Kozlov takes him down. Santino tags in with an arm bar and a slam. Side headlock until McGillicutty frees himself. Clothesline to the back of Santino’s head. Santino face first into the heed corner and Husky tags in. Husky stomps Santino, then slams him hard to the mat for two. Husky with a lack of grace puts a chinlock on Santino. Santino flips him off, but Husky kicks Santino in the face. Husky pulls Santino into a clothesline for two. An arm/chin hold on Santino. Santino to his feet, then a stunner on Husky, but Husky knocks Kozlov off the apron. Santino gets a little momentum, but is then whipped into the heel corner. Santino side steps Husky, then goes for his patented hip toss, but Husky is way too big. So Santino resorts to a chop block dropping Husky to the mat. Santino sets up for the cobra, but McGillicutty steps in, but then drops off the apron. Santino turns into a huge clothesline. Husky hits his finisher and it’s over.

Winners – Nexus

Video of the high points of the match, then Husky’s finisher. Nexus raise hands across the ring. The ref is down outside checking on Santino with Tamina and Kozlov as Otunga grabs a mic. He asks for a hand for the new Nexus! He wants everybody to give a warm welcome to the man who has sacrificed so much for them, who they will sacrifice for this Sunday at the Royal Rumble Match! Put their hands together for CM Punk. Punk comes out and they raise their fists to him.

Backstage Cena is handed a zebra shirt. He takes off his tags, kisses them, then tosses them back to the guy who gave him the shirt.

– Commercial

CM Punk w/ Nexus Vs. Wade Barrett w/ The Corre – Special Guest Ref – John Cena – The man who loses is out of the Royal Rumble Match, as is his faction

Wade and the Corre out to the ring. They line up across the ring facing Nexus. Cena comes out in purple. He slides into an emptied ring. Off comes his purple shirt to show his zebra shirt.

The fans are hot for Cena. Before the match even starts, Cena throws all of Nexus out of ringside! Punk is livid. The Corre waves goodbye to them. They are about to start again and he stops them. Cena then tosses the Corre out from ringside! They’re upset, but Cena’s all smiles. Cena says one guy against one guy, ring the bell.

Punk and Wade are stepping up, but Cena stops them and pushes Punk hard to mat. Punk pops up, but Cena shows off that he’s the ref. Cena then turns and bitch slaps Wade to the mat and shows off that he’s in charge. Punk hits Wade from behind with a forearm. Punk stomps Wade down in a corner. Punk throws Wade out over the top. Punk up in Cena’s face, yelling that this Sunday he’ll throw Cena out of the ring. Cena grabs Punk and throws him out over the top rope. Punk back in, arm up to punch, but Cena again shows his shirt.

Wade in and attacks Punk from behind. Back slam on Punk and Cena leaves the ring, Sharpie in hand and starts signing Cena gear for kids in the front row. Wade yells out at Cena who slides back in and says he’s sorry, he forgot there was a match going on! Punk and Wade run the ropes, both hitting clotheslines at the same time. Cena calls for the bell.

Double DQ

Cena goes out and tells Justin that both are eliminated for excessive profanity. This is a PG show! Neither groups are going to the Royal Rumble. Justin announces it a Double DQ, therefore, since there’s no winner, both the Corre and Nexus are out of the Royal Rumble Match.

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “What we have just witnessed was a blatant abuse of power. Now I can’t change the ref’s decision of this Double DQ, but I can change the consequences. Therefore, CM Punk, Wade Barrett and their respective teams will all compete in the Royal Rumble this Sunday. And in addition, if John Cena does not go into the ring and apologize the Wade Barrett and CM Punk, John Cena, you will be the one out of the Royal Rumble Match.”

Cena whips off his zebra shirt and heads for the ring. Both taunt Cena, one on each side. Cena says he’s sorry to each of them, then attacks. First Cena hits Punk, then he hits Wade. The Corre is the first group to the ring, but Cena flees. Then Nexus slide into the ring, but Cena is outside the ring. “Cena” chants. McGillicutty from the ring attacking Cena, but Big Show’s music hits.

Big Show runs – yes, RUNS – to the ring. Santino, Kozlov, Yoshi, Bryan, Henry, JoMo, and possibly more run after him. Cena into the ring. They all fight with Nexus and the Corre as RAW goes off the air.

Biggest pop
Big Show & the rest

Biggest heat

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