Raw Rating: Perspective on metrics for episode day after Roadblock with loaded third hour (w/Keller’s Analysis)


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Monday’s episode of Raw drew a 2.02 rating, above the fall average of 2.00 by a hair and a notch below the rolling average of the prior ten weeks of 2.03.

Hourly viewership: 1st hour drew 3.062 million viewers, the 2nd hours drew 2.971 million viewers, and the third hour drew 2.834 million viewers.

The drop-off from the 1st to 3rd hour viewership was 228,000, which is below average of the last two months, which is just over 300,000.

Raw drew a 2.33 rating a year ago on Dec. 21st.

Keller’s Analysis: The third hour was pretty loaded, starting with Charlotte vs. Bayley and concluding with a main event of┬áRoman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens. The conclusion of sensitivity training was in the middle, too! So the smaller drop-off from the first hour to the third is understandable. The fact that Raw aired the day after a PPV helped it get off to a decent first hour star, with just over there million viewers. Although it was above last week’s first hour viewership by around 130,000 viewers, it matched the average first hour viewership since the start of November. All in all, a solid viewership number relative to recent months, but well below the year-ago rating of a 2.33, so it’s important to keep in perspective how many live viewers they’ve lost over the last few years when getting too excited about any uptick.

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