RAW Opinion: Lacey Evans Biggest Winner of Superstar Shake-Up

Oh Loooorrrddd, Lacey Evans just might be the biggest winner coming out the WWE Superstar Shake-Up this week.
For starters, RAW shipped out former champions in Bayley (RAW), Mickie James (six times), Ember Moon (NXT) and Liv Morgan to the SmackDown Live roster. Considering only Naomi and Zelina Vega came to the RAW side and no one is absolutely certain about Sasha Banks’ future, the Superstar Shake-Up left a tremendous opportunity for someone to fill the void in the Red Brand women’s division. 

Then, Evans did what she does best on RAW – interrupt people – and found herself in a No. 1 Contender match with Natalya for the chance to face RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. However, the Lady of WWE didn’t just get into the match. Evans defeated former SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya in her in-ring RAW debut to earn a title shot. That comes on the heels (because you know Evans is concerned with fashion) of her ambushing Lynch on RAW and SmackDown the week prior.

All that adds up to Vince McMahon going all in on trying to make Evans the next big star to emerge in the women’s division. In fact, detractors may not like Lynch, but even they have to admit that being pulled into a feud with The Man helps attract attention around anyone in her orbit. Lynch continues to grow followers on social media every day, with her total on Twitter now rising over 1.6 million. As a result of the past few weeks of her budding feud with Lynch, Evans has now grown a base of over 79,000 followers to her account. Here’s a rundown of some of their latest interactions on Twitter, and you can see from the number of likes and retweets the response they’re getting: 

So New Charlotte is my 1st challenger? Not sure now, but I’m starting to think this company might have a type. ??
— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) April 10, 2019

Typical…blame it on the company. I just stood toe to toe with “a man” while wearing a pair of high heels.
Imagine what I will do to you when i take them off….. #LikeALady
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 10, 2019

Today makes 3 years I’ve been in @WWE settings the example you all need.
My daddy dont say wooooo, my momma didnt put me in mma school and I haven’t been grinding it out all over the world for this spot.
I walked in and took, it all on my own.??
#LikeALady #NoMoreNasties
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 11, 2019

She doesn’t have the balls to admit it if she did?? #BeckyNoBalls
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 11, 2019

Hands up if you’ve put 25 posts about The Man on your timeline in just two days.
— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) April 11, 2019

Hands up if you took the time to count…. i aint going anywhere?? #BeckyNoBalls
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 11, 2019

You see New Charlotte – while you’re out there trying to rehash Ronnie’s old, failed, “tHe MaN iS A mAN” tripe, The Champ Champ is showing you how to attract real interest in a fight. Keep watching, sweetie. Then try keep up @LaceyEvansWWE
— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) April 12, 2019

1. The truth hurts sweetheart.
2. Keep attracting the interest…..more people to watch me take everything you’ve worked for?? #InAPairOfHeels #LikeALady
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 12, 2019

ISO a disinfectant company…..
A couple titles are about to need some cleaning ??
#SuperstarShakeUp #Raw #SDLive #NoMoreNasties
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 14, 2019

Feeling cute, might take a couple titles later…walk and wave….idk ??
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 14, 2019

Some of us are out there making history. Others are walking the ramp in nice hats
— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) April 14, 2019

And my actions are being talked about by the “history makers” themselves….
Good thing you’re practicing bowing down, my high heels will need cleaning when I’m done taking everything you’ve worked for ????
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 14, 2019

Somebody pour me a sweet tea.
Your soon to be RAW women’s champion is thirsty?? #RAW #SuperstarShakeUp #LikeALady
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 16, 2019

Have a good night @BeckyLynchWWE.
Remember to sleep with them eyes open.. #YaNasty ??
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 16, 2019

Looorrddd. All these women fussin over something I already have. #Opportunity
Bless their hearts ?? #SDLive
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 17, 2019

Tall, blonde, does a moonsault, tells me to bow, is from the Carolinas. Might be time to ask Momma Evans if Ric was Naitching around there before you were born, you plank.
— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) April 17, 2019

Lorrrrdddd bless her heart.
It took her 2 days to come up with a response. And its about my momma ??
I think yalls “man” is starting to show her true pathetic, Classless, colors.
I do have a hell of a moonsault though ?? #LikeALady #WhatElseYouGot
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 17, 2019

As much as I’d love to compare her to someone credible….this is all she’s gettin from me?? #NothingButANasty
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 17, 2019

If you’re not familiar with Evans’ background, she worked as a military police officer as part of the Special Reaction Team, a group tasked with providing security at bases dealing with terrorist threats or hostage situations. Born Macey Estrella and raised in Parris Island, South Carolina, the Lady of WWE signed up with the military at just 19 years old, finishing her Bachelor’s degree while still on active duty. And, oh by the way, she kickstarted her own construction business by the time she turned 22 years old.
The military helped Evans’ rise from a troubled home life during her childhood. The Lady of WWE grew up among a household of seven siblings that occasionally lived in tents due to on-again, off-again trouble with law enforcement. Sadly, her father died from a drug overdose before her WWE tryout. This is what Evans told Katie Richcreek of ESPN in an interview before the Mae Young Classic in 2017: 
“This (WWE) is the life I saw and I knew I would never become that,” Evans said. “While everyone was giving up around me, I had to make sure I didn’t.”
It’s likely a combination of that determination to rise from a family torn apart by drug abuse and depression, athletic ability, a polished look and the ease with which Evans communicates her persona in interviews, on the mic and online that caused WWE to gamble that she’s the next big breakout star. Here’s what Hall of Fame WWE broadcaster Jim Ross had to say about Evans last month on his podcast: 
“Apparently, Lacey Evans is in line for the old proverbial push,” Ross said. “You all like to talk about who’s getting their push. I think this. I said this when I met her, Lacey Evans, before the Mae Young Classic. Number one, she has everything. She has an amazing look. Her background is absolutely unduplicated. She’s a marine drill instructor for real! She’s extremely athletic, but here’s the thing. She needs more time to learn how to wrestle. I’m not saying, ‘she sucks,’ but for her to be at a level of an Asuka, or a Charlotte, or any one on the top, top echelon, which is where WWE apparently sees her, Lacey, then she’s going to need to work on her game.” 
Ross echoed some of the criticism that came from fans on social media when she was ended her runway walks after WrestleMania and starting to get down to busy with Lynch. However, it might be entirely possibly that WWE was using that time since the Royal Rumble to intensely drill in-ring skills with Evans to get her ready for the ring and big showdown with the champ champ. Ross likened it to when Vince wanted to get a young Brock Lesnar on TV as soon as possible. Here’s the comparison JR made: 
“I remember the old story where Vince said, ‘we want to bring Brock Lesnar to television.’ And I said, ‘he’s not ready.’ ‘He’ll be alright.’ I said, ‘no, he won’t be alright because he can’t protect anybody yet. He’s too damn big and strong to not be fundamentally sound and protecting his opponents.’ It doesn’t take much of a miscue from him before you’re in trouble. And Vince realized it and he agreed, so he waited four weeks. Lesnar was on the fast track, but my thoughts are Lacey Evans has everything it takes to be a star. Great media star, she’s intelligent and articulate. Get her back in the ring and drill, drill, drill. Everybody you bring in there to wrestle her should be better than her and I hope it’s being done.”
Outside of the Royal Rumble, Evans has worked three matches with Natalya, who also proved instrumental in helping bring Ronda Rousey along in her development. Evans lost a match on Main Event on January 7, defeated Natalya on Main Event on February 4 and again on RAW from Montreal last Monday. Her work with Evans might be why Natalya didn’t switch brands during the Superstar Shake-Up as many thought she might. If her next matches are against Lynch, it would seem as though WWE is following Ross’ advice and bringing her along with talented veterans from whom she can learn and get more polish between the ropes. 
Given the current makeup of the RAW Women’s Division, expect Evans to get every chance to succeed. Outside of former champion Alexa Bliss, who is just now returning to regular ring work from concussion-related injuries in 2018, Naomi, Natalya and Alicia Fox are the only other women on the brand with any sort of championship pedigree. Based on WWE’s storylines so far, none of those three seem likely for a big push any time soon. That leaves Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Dana Brooke, Tamina and Vega in the short term to compete for the RAW title. As mentioned above, no one seems to know whether Banks is coming back and former RAW Women’s Champ Nia Jax will miss extended time with surgery on both knees. 
The Lady of WWE perhaps summed it up best herself: 

??RAW needs me.
??@WWE needs me.
??These nasties need me.
But first, a well deserved vacation and 3 day spa.
.#LikeALady #RoleModel #SassySouthernBelle #SaviorOfWwe #NoMoreNasties #Raw
— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar (@LaceyEvansWWE) April 16, 2019

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