Rapper MGK Talks About Cena Giving Him Booze At WM28, Meeting Rock-Vince

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly was recently interviewed by CAVE Magazine to hype his new album “Lace Up” and spoke about his experience as a guest performer at WrestleMania 28 back in April. Here are some highlights of what MGK said about:

How He Got Linked Up With WWE & The Scariest Moment of His Career:

“I woke up and saw a tweet. My label didn’t even tell me. I saw that “Invincible” was the theme song for Wrestlemania, and I thought it was cool. But to be honest, we didn’t understand how big it was until we got to Miami. When we walked into the stadium, it was like “holy shit, this is massive”. The stadium was huge, the show was sold out, and we were performing. You could feel the ground shaking beneath your feet. I realized I had to go out there, but I didn’t want to. It was the scariest moment of my career.”

Not Wanting To Perform At WrestleMania:

“That was the only time I’ve ever looked out onstage before going out and said to myself “I’m totally okay if I just quit right now, so I don’t have to go out there and do this”. Five seconds before we went out, our microphones weren’t working. But everything worked out great, and the speech was awesome at the end. I was stoked.”

John Cena Giving Him Booze Before His Performance:

“Cena’s the man. Nothing was fake with him. He was very cool and very up front. He would say “hey, I’m really stoked and I really like you”. He was super appreciative throughout the whole process. We did that whole thing in Cleveland on Raw where he pulled me out of the crowd and into the ring. Right before he went out, he said “go in the crowd, I’m going to grab you”. That was a last minute thing. It wasn’t planned. He gave us some moonshine before we went out at Wrestlemania, too.”

Working With The Rock & Vince McMahon:

“Unfortunately, he was the coolest guy. I wanted to hate him, but he was really cool. Plus, he was a fan of my music. Vince McMahon was really cool, too. He was really thankful. I was actually trying to thank him, because he propelled my career. I think the guys who picked “Invincible” are the ones I should be giving credit to. The corporate suits, for once, sided with MGK. They got it right.

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