Racing Point and Williams join the queue of appeals!

Williams has joined the camp of those appealing the leniency of the FIA stewards’ verdict against Racing Point’s brake ducts case while the latter is now also contesting Friday’s ruling.

Ferrari and McLaren signaled yesterday their intention to appeal the €400,000 financial penalty and the 15-point withdrawal of championship points levied upon Racing Point for breaching the technical rules regarding the design of its car’s brake ducts.

In the evening, those teams were joined in the appeal process by Renault while Williams has now followed suit.

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For the group the crux of the matter evolved around the leniency of the punishment handed to Racing Point but also the fact that the FIA, while recognizing the technical breach, has allowed the Silverstone-based outfit to continue using the Mercedes-copied brake duct design for the remainder of the 2020 design.

“This discrepancy between the sporting and technical [rules], in that you can run what has effectively been deemed an illegal part that shouldn’t have been put on a race car because it was, in effect, copied from another team, to a degree – to me, that isn’t right,” explained Claire Williams.

“It’s confusing for the fans to have that, to see now that a car that has been in breach of regulations, to still be allowed to run those parts. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me anyway.”

McLaren boss Zak Brown agreed with Williams’ deputy team principal

“I think that is confusing for the fans, how something that is not legal in Austria is still on the car,” argued Brown in Friday’s FIA press conference.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the legal bench, Racing Point will seek to defend itself against the FIA’s call and its rivals’ attacks.

“We have received notices of intention to appeal the Renault Protest Decision from the following Competitors: Ferrari, McLaren, Racing Point, Renault and Williams,” said an FIA spokesman.

Time once again to send in the costly legal eagles…

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