Paul London Update, Cornette & Nunzio Appearing On Radio Show, Justin Credible

— Following his recent release from WWE, former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London plans on taking a breaking from the wrestling scene to focus on other aspirations, reports He recently moved to Los Angeles and has shown interest in stunt work and acting in the past, so this is what he’s likely pursuing.


Jim Cornette has finally listened to all of the segments Kenny Bolin has been doing on him these last few months. Tonight on Who’s Slamming Who, Cornette returns to the main show to express his feelings on all of these attacks. To say Kenny Bolin is going to be in serious trouble come tonight is a major understatement! Shit will hit the fan tonight on Who’s Slamming Who.

John Cena Sr. will be joining the main show once again tonight on Who’s Slamming Who to preview this Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series PPV with Tommy Fierro. His son will be returning at this event to challenge Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship. What will Cena Sr. have to say about his son’s return to the ring? Find out tonight on Who’s Slamming Who!

Nunzio will be joining the main show of Who’s Slamming Who tonight to promote the upcoming Who’s Slamming Who wrestling event on December 6th in Freehold, NJ at the 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility. Nunzio will be in action against Josh Daniels. For further information on the show you can E-Mail us at:

Sean Casey, first baseman for the Boston Red Soxs, will be making a very special appearance tonight on Who’s Slamming Who as a part of Allan Funk’s weekly segment, Angry Allan Speaks Out. Sean is a long time wrestling fan and is also a personal friend of Funk’s. We here at Who’s Slamming Who are very excited to have one of the greats in MLB today on our program.

Mike Kehner, former ECW original referee, will be debut a weekly segment on Who’s Slamming Who tonight called 3 Count.

There will also be a few announcements regarding Who’s Slamming Who’s Season’s Beatings broadcast for December 22nd on tonight’s show.

We will also be discussing Brock Lesnar huge UFC win from this past weekend and how big it is for the wrestling business, a look at the TNA/Sarah Palin story, Christian Cage’s WWE return, and much more tonight.

All of this and much more tonight on Who’s Slamming Who at 6 PM on:

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— Former ECW World Heavyweight Champions headline an ACW event this Saturday in Danbury, CT with Justin Credible wrestling Jerry Lynn. Jason Knight, Crowbar and Tony DeVito also scheduled to appear. For show nformation, visit

See photos of Kennedy’s new look! (>>)

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