No soil, No problem

Want a plant but don’t want all that dirt? Tillandsia, the air plant, is the perfect choice for you.

Some people have conflicting feelings about plants. They like that touch of green, but they don’t like the dirt and insects that often come with it.

However, that’s one reason Tillandsia (the air plant) has become so popular. This resilient, easygrower may get your busy life in full bloom – whether you’ve got a green thumb or you’re new to the world of plants.

Tillandsia is a genus with around 650 species under the Bromeliaceae family. They grow natively in the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies.

Uniquely, they’re evergreen and perennial-flowering plants, and they normally grow without soil. Most of them are epiphytes – attached to other plants through their roots.

Unlike most of the plant kingdom, they use their leaves (instead of roots) to absorb moisture and nutrients through tiny scales called trichomes.

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