Nine 24/7 title changes at WWE Raw Reunion

The WWE 24/7 title changed hands nine times during Raw tonight.

The title changes started when R-Truth was rolled up by Drake Maverick while he was talking to Maverick’s wife Renee Michelle backstage. Maverick then went to his locker room to grab his things, but was distracted by The Boogeyman, who put worms in his luggage. Pat Patterson then walked into the room, kicked Maverick a few times as he fell to the floor in shock then pinned him to win the title.

Off screen, Patterson was attacked by Gearld Brisco, who ended up pinning him. He was celebrating in the back when he walked up to Kelly Kelly, who kicked him in the gut then pinned him to win the championship.

Later, Kelly walked up to Candice Michelle, Melina and Naomi. Melina mentioned that in the last few years she has been working on getting her referee’s license. Michelle then attacked Kelly and pinned her, with Melina as the referee, to win the title. Alundra Blayze struck soon after and submitted Michelle with a choke to win the championship.

Blayze later walked over to the announcer’s table, ready to throw the title in the trash. However, Ted DiBiase came out and offered to buy the title from her, which she accepted. DiBiase got into his limo to leave when he was attacked inside by Drake Maverick, who walked out of the limo with the title.

Maverick was finally set to leave the arena with his wife, who was already in the limo ready to go. R-Truth, however, rolled up Maverick and won back the title for the tenth time. He hopped in the limo with Renee Michelle and left, leaving Maverick behind.

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