Nick "Magnus" Aldis Talks GFW Talent Roster, TV Tapings & More

The following are highlights of a new Q&A with GFW’s Nick “Magnus” Aldis:

On what fans can expect from the GFW TV tapings: “From what I understand – and the conversations I’ve had with Jeff, Sonjay, Karen and others – I think there’ll be very good production values. The Orleans Arena has been a huge partner for Jeff. He’s got this lighting company on board who do really incredible lighting for concerts and events and stuff. He understands that first and foremost it’s got to look the part.

One of the criticisms that have been levied against Global a little bit is the roster. It’s like “Is it really your roster or is it just guys who are available now?” That’s the truth – he’s developing a roster based on who he has available to him, but I think some of it is that he’s seen guys who perhaps he saw more potential in and wants to bring out the rest of it. I think that you’ll see some talent who are showcased and you’ll see them in a while new light.

I think honestly the thing that’s going to differentiate it more than anything is the way that we present the product. It’s going to be much closer to what you might see from a New Japan or someone like that. It’s more about the competitiveness and the rivalries and the sort of sporting element that exists – with the production value – which, for me, was always what was best about pro wrestling, rather than so, so heavily story orientated.”

On the GFW roster: “You’re right…….Look here’s the thing. Jeff could have put together a roster of guys who already have a name from somewhere, and he would have been bashed for not giving any new talent a chance. He could have put a roster together of all new guys and been bashed for having a roster of nobodies. At the end of the day, those critics, that voice is small but it’s always going to be there. You don’t ignore it, but you have to understand what its value is in the big picture, which is perhaps as significant sometimes as we, in wrestling, make it out to be. By that I mean social media, the immediate online community and that feedback. I’m certainly not going to bash it and say it’s insignificant, because it’s not, but I don’t think it’s as significant as sometimes we make it out to be.

I think one of the reasons TNA went wrong was that they started treating that minority as the voice of everybody. They forgot the fact that there was this casual audience, and what happened is that TNA had the biggest remaining slice of market share after WWE – which obviously has the huge majority – and then they ended up dividing it up between Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground, because they focussed too much on this minority that weren’t necessarily theirs. They started to go after what I think was Ring of Honor’s audience and in the process they lost the ones that they were retaining – who then decided to look for alternatives in Lucha Underground, which I think is a magnificent product, and in Ring of Honor.

Jeff is one of those guys who has enough of an idea of that audience but doesn’t get too wrapped up in their opinion that he forgets about going after the big fish.”

On his final comments on GFW: “Right now I’m just focused on the book and getting as much awareness as possible. But I would say this as far as Global is concerned; there are some pretty cool announcements and news coming up in the next week or two, which I’m privy to. Obviously I can’t share it – and I’m not trying to be a worker and be all “Hey” There’s a big, huge announcement!” – but it is a pretty cool one. There is some pretty cool stuff coming up that people will be interested to hear from Global.

I would urge wrestling fans to keep an open mind and remember how long it takes to forge a process like this. It’s been around for a year. We live in a world where people expect things to materialise on cue, but it doesn’t work like that. Stick with it and watch it, because there’s some pretty cool stuff coming up. I think it’s going to be a new player in the business, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone forward with it.”

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