News On WWE's Longterm Plans For The WWE Network

Here’s the latest on the upcoming WWE Network, launching in just over 4 months:

* WWE wants the network to be more than just wrestling-themed programming.

* With WWE’s recent obsession with Twitter, they’ve built an army of fans they can use to push cable carriers to carry their network.

* Most pay-per-view events, NXT and Superstars will be moving to the network.

* The Network has the potential to be WWE’s most valuable asset and it will give them a 24/7 outlet to constantly promote their brand.

* WWE hopes to find outside of the box original programming that won’t be wrestling-related once they get established. This would be similar to a show like the History Channel eventually finding hit shows like Pawn Stars that isn’t “history” related.

* The plan for the network is to eventually brand WWE as more of a lifestyle brand instead of just a “sports-entertainment/pro wrestling” company.

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