News on Vince Choosing The Roster For The 50-Man Rumble Match

WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble Event was one of the best WWE PPVs in a long time as the card was stacked from top to bottom and it featured the largest Royal Rumble Match in WWE History. Speaking of the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match, there was an interesting way of how the roster was chosen and filled up. 
Vince McMahon’s thought process when filling out the roster for the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match was a significant bias towards “big” men as he believes that the audience in Saudi Arabia would react more favorably to wrestlers of that physical attribute and that body type. The one interesting name that was missing from the roster was The Big Show and it is still unknown why he wasn’t part of the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match even though he was advertised several weeks before the event even took place.

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