Nash Congratulates Backlund, Rollins Sends A Message To The Rock, Austin Video

– Shield member Seth Rollins tweeted the following about their attack on The Rock on RAW:

“Sometimes you alter another’s destiny in the wave of altering your own. And sometimes people get what they had coming for the past decade.”

– Former WWE champion Kevin Nash tweeted the following about the news of Bob Backlund going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year:

“Congratulations to Bob Backland on HOF Thank you for what you did for me at MSG.”

Nash defeated Bob Backlund to capture the WWE Championship in a record 8 seconds at Madison Square Garden back in 1994.

– Here is the latest trailer for Steve Austin’s new movie “The Package”.

* VIDEO of DIESEL Defeating BOB BACKLUND For The WWE Championship in 8 Seconds

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