Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW Sept. 2, 2019

With two weeks until Clash of Champions Monday Night Raw hosts the first ever Womans Champions Showcase.
RAW Tag Team Champion Braun Strowman starts off the show and there’s a table in the ring. Time to sign some paper!
Universal Champion & Raw Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins heads down right after Braun.
Oh good, Michael Cole is in the ring.

I hope every match gets a contract signing tonight.
Seth signs the contract and just as Braun is about the sign The OC interrupts and Michael Cole isn’t happy about it.
Heel AJ Styles with a microphone is outstanding! He ripped up the contract after making some very good (and funny) points about how he should be the challenger for the Universal Championship.
Match #1: Tag Team Match
The OC (Gallows & Anderson) w/United States Champion AJ Styles v Raw Tag Team Champions Braun Strowman & Universal Champion Seth Rollins

This is a main event on a slower week of RAW, so it should be fun. Also obviously AJ is going to be involved.
Match End: Seth Rollins rolls up Karl Anderson for the win.
AJ immediately attack Rollins and the action heads outside. Braun bulldozes everyone including Seth. Ziggler & Roode rundown to attack Braun and Seth with help from The OC. The tag Champs don’t look so good anymore…
Backstage interview with Cedric Alexander. Holy smokes The OC attack him too! The OC is all over the place tonight wow!

Match #2: Tag Team Match
Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode v Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
Ziggler & Roode are about to beat another former tag team championship team.
Match End: Robert Roode pins Curt Hawkins.
Match #3: Singles Match
Lacey Evans v Natalya
Natalya ran out during the entrances and attacked Lacey before the match. I really like this more aggressive Natalya.
This has been great.
Match End: Lacey Evans pins Natalya after hitting her with her handkerchief before The Womans Right. Kind of a shock here.
Raw Womans Champion “The Man” Becky Lynch is in the ring and she’s ready to talk about Sasha Banks. Oh boy did she talk about Sasha. Got me hook line and sinker.
Sasha comes out and plays the Ziggler “it should have been me” garbage. Sasha challenges Becky to a championship match at Clash of Champions. Becky accepts! Sasha says bitch and its the only thing the crowd reacted to her saying.
Match #4: King of the Ring Quarter Final Match
Baron Corbin v Cedric Alexander
Remember Corbin totally jinxed himself last week, but Cedric got jumped by The OC so he’s hurt. Toss a coin, one of these guys has to win.
There’s no reason this match should have been this long. Really unnecessary over sell of Cedric being hurt and possibly not able to continue in the tournament. Crowd is into it though and that’s all that matters really.
Match End: Baron Corbin advances to the Semi Finals with an End of Days and pin on Cedric Alexander. Will Corey Graves have enough Game of Thrones references for next week?
Recap of the entire attempted murder of Roman Reigns.
Stone Cold is going to be on RAW from MSG?! YES! Contracts are going to be signed!
SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley gets a backstage interview asking for a comment about Sasha Banks. She isn’t going to talk smack about her….turning turning turning?
Match #5: Tag Team Match
Viking Raiders v Pittsburgh “talent”
This time they let the local talent talk before being fed to the Vikings. Even the commentary team are laughing at this.
Anyone sick of this yet? No? Just me?
Match End: Viking Raiders win after I ffwd the match.
Match #6: King of the Ring Quarter Final Match
Samoa Joe v Ricochet
Buckle up, this should be fun!
What a match! Both of the KotR matches tonight have been worthy of the name. Joe is bleeding. Always seems to happen to him.
Match End: The ref counted while both men had arms on each other. Now he’s doing an MLB headset review? Who’s he talking to? This match is under review? That can happen? Interesting…I like this…
The logo for Firefly Funhouse gets a big pop. A logo! Up next!
Bray Wyatt just had a video where he feeds a puppet of Vince McMahon money he’s making to not be fired. Yowie Wowie!
Backstage we have a decision to the last match. Baron Corbin will face both Ricochet and Samoa Joe in a triple threat match! Nice!
Staying backstage we have Rey Mysterio returning and talking about his kid asking him not to retire. He’s not done! Sweet!
Match #7: Singles Match
The Miz v Cesaro
Cesaro was on the NXTUK Takeover on Saturday night. Hope he isn’t jet lagged.
Cesaro is literally on the top of his game these days. Why can’t have nice things?
Match End: The King of Safe Style pins Cesaro clean. I just shake my head.
Main Event: Womans Champions Showcase Tag Team Match
Womans Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross v SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley & Raw Womans Champion Becky Lynch
I have ideas about how tonight is going to end…might be fantasy booking though…lets find out.
…and here comes Sasha…to send us to commercial…then to stand on the ramp.
Bayley drew the shirt straw for this one to be the one getting best down before the hot tag to Becky.
Sasha comes in and attacks Becky Lynch.
Match End: Becky & Bayley win via DQ
Bayley grabs the chair from Sasha…and…and…YES! I WAS RIGHT! SHE SMASHES IT INTO THE BACK OF BECKY!
The show ends with Bayley smiling after hitting Lynch with the chair. The crowd is chanting Yes! Yes! Yes! as the feed cuts. Would have been way better if they booed the heel turn, but I’m old-school like that. Like the bad guys/girls all you want, but sometimes they need to be booed to keep the illusion alive.

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