More on Potential Upcoming Storylines & Opponents for Lesnar

As noted before, with WWE not planning on having Roman Reigns face Brock Lesnar until next year’s WrestleMania, the company is lining up other opponents to face Lesnar for the remainder of the year. Braun Strowman would be first with a much anticipated match to happen at Summer Slam and the rumor is that Seth Rollins is next followed by Finn Balor.
The big question still remains is who Lesnar will face at the Great Balls of Fire PPV as it would depend on when Braun Strowman will make his return. According to sources, WWE is proceeding under the assumption that Strowman would still miss that PPV, in which case it’s possible we could see Rollins bumped up to face Lesnar at that time.
As is always the case with WWE booking constantly changing, things are not even close to being set in stone, especially with the uncertainty surrounding Strowman.



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