MJF Discusses ‘ALL IN’ And His Recent Knee Injury, Ryback Plugs His New Supplement, PROGRESS Champion Suffers Injury’s Doug Enriguez caught up with MJF over the weekend to discuss the upcoming ALL IN show and more.

MJF spoke about ALL IN which takes place in just over three weeks time, but he stated that he still doesn’t know who he will be facing:

“I do not know who my opponent is on that show, but I do know that I will be winning.”

MJF also discussed his recent knee injury, taking a shot at Ace Romero in the process of doing so:

“Sometimes you are in that ring with fat, untalented pieces of crap like Ace Romero and they land on you and when a fat slop like that lands on you, something is going to break. Let’s face facts, the guy is literally the size of a blimp, the best way to describe him is a human circle.”

The full interview with MJF, which includes him revealing what his next goal in wrestling is will be featured on this week’s Voice Of Wrestling podcast which can be heard at this link.

Ryback Plugs Supplement

Former WWE Superstar, Ryback has been plugging his own nutrition supplement, Feed Me More on Twitter today, encouraging fans to pick it up.

When you’re ready for a supplement to give you actual results look no further than Wake Up Unlimited Energy. No artificial sweeteners and MORE ingredients that give you real energy with no crash.

— The Big Guy (@Ryback22) August 6, 2018

Lykos Suffers Injury

Unfortunately, Kid Lykos has suffered another serious injury during PROGRESS Wrestling’s Coast To Coast tour with the company confirming he has broken his collarbone. Lykos had only just returned from injury and had captured the PROGRESS Tag Team Titles the night before.

Devastated. Accidents happen, and it was completely out of my control, but it doesnt change how distraught I feel. I’m sorry

— Kid Lykos (@KidLykos) August 6, 2018

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