Mick Foley Interview: WWE's PG Product, Whether He'd Join WWE's Hall Of Fame

Mick Foley was recently interviewed by and discussed a wide variety of topics, from wrestling to being an author to his charity work. Here are some highlights of what Foley said about:

Whether He’d Accept An Invitation To WWE’s Hall Of Fame:

“It’s funny. I used to go back and forth because deep down everyone needs that healing moment with Vince whether they realize it or not. Everybody wants to have closure with Vince. I would say to people when I asked “I don’t know, maybe for my kids, maybe if I got to go first or last” but the game changer for me was when they mentioned my book (Countdown to Lockdown) on the air in October. I thought that showed a great deal of respect. It was a nice gesture and much appreciated. At that point I made the mental decision that if I was ever asked I would go in.”

WWE’s Current “PG” Product:

“You know a lot of what I did was just high impact, not high risk. A lot of things I did have caught up with me over time, headshots notwithstanding. There is no way that people should take an unprotected chair shot. Honestly there is room in a match for a guy to get a hit and get his hands up and he should be fine. It’s just not good, and I think that the WWE has shown that you don’t need those chair shots. It was overused, it was an easy pop, guaranteed reaction and they have showed that when you use it sparingly as in The Undertaker-Triple H match at WrestleMania that a chair really means something. I don’t think you will see guys do stuff that is quite as wild, but I always felt that with head injuries, repetitive trauma of moves in the ring, and not necessarily moves outside the ring were more to blame.

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