Mark Henry The World Strongest Man, A Look Back

The so-called World Strongest Man in W.W.E Mark Henry has reportedly retired from active in-ring competitions. The WWE Superstar has been part of the WWE family ever since 1996. With this, he is one of the longest-tenured wrestlers in the company.
Mark Henry was a successful weightlifter prior to joining WWE. And it would not be surprising to see the towering athlete on real money online slot sometime soon, look at this site for examples of casino games. He competed in at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona Spain and also the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. In the recent years, he has played a greater role as an ambassador for WWE so he had a limited schedule from an in-ring perspective. Last year in April that’s when Henry had his most recent match at WrestleMania with Andre the Giant. The whole of 2017 he only had three in-ring competitions. He wrestled in the Royal Rumble at the beginning of the year and lost a match to Braun Strowman in February.
The World’s Strongest Man won the World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Championship and the European Championship in WWE over the course of his wrestling career. You cannot talk about the 2000s WWE without talking about Mark Henry’s appearances in the ring. Before he transitioned to a character “Sexual Chocolate” his early career featured a stint in the nation of Domination. He then reinvented himself to become a main eventer later on with a well-timed heel turn move that put his opponents into the Hall of Pain which was his route to becoming the world champion.

17 years into his career Mark Henry accomplished world titles. He also became a member of one of the most notorious factions “Attitude Era” and also became the father of a hand. In 2013 he shocked WWE fans around the world with his fake retirement speech. Henry eventually got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because of his length of his career and his credentials. 


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