Mark Henry Talks About The Rock Sharing Helpful Information With Him

Prior to taking his rightful place in the WWE Hall Of Fame on Friday evening, Mark Henry appeared as a guest on the live edition of the Post Wrestling Podcast at WaleMania for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On who helped him early in his WWE career: “First, Owen Hart, and then second, Billy Gunn was one. Yeah, Billy cold-blooded. But, you know what, it was a bunch of guys. Just being in the Nation [of Domination], Dwayne, or The Rock, was of those [people] that I never thought in a million years that we would stay friends because he got me fined more times than anybody I know. He was in the mirror [saying], ‘I have to put on special face cream.’ So we were late all the time and we would get fined. I had a bunch of people who kinda looked out for me. You know, gave me the words of wisdom.”

On how helpful it was for The Rock to share information with him: “Even though [The Rock] was in the business the same amount of time as I was at that time, I mean I had a four-month jump on him, but he grew up in wrestling. So, he knew the protocols, he knew like ‘don’t do this,’ and ‘do that.’ I was a video game head and I liked sports games and stuff like that… so, [The Rock] was like, ‘This is what you do.’ And I was like, wow, I did it, and stopped getting in trouble and started getting more pushed to the front of the line and the rest was history.”

Check out the complete Mark Henry interview below.

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