Man In UAE Jailed For 60 Days & Fined 20,000 Dirhams For Calling Fiancee ‘Idiot’ On WhatsApp

In an unusual case of someone sending a joke over WhatsApp and the other party taking offence over it, a man in UAE has been sentenced to jail for 60 days for calling his fiancée “idiot”.

The young GCC national had sent his girlfriend a message on WhatsApp as a joke, calling her “idiot” (habla in Arabic). However, he claimed to have used that word in a humorous way. His fiancee took it as an insult and filed a court case against him, as per an Emarat Al Youm report.

So far, numerous court cases have been filed on the premise of a person sending something on WhatsApp as a joke, which the recipient took seriously.

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