Maloles for a touch of glamour

Maloles is quickly carving a niche for itself as the ‘It’ shoe brand. Stars like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Zeta-Jones are already big fans, after having been spoiled with various pairs of Maloles flats following the filming of Ocean’s Twelve. Now Cameron Diaz and Anna Mouglalis have joined the fan club as well.

The new autumn/winter collection is called Flirty Doll, and like the past collections, is going to appeal the girly girl in all of us. “I let a love of dancing and seduction inspire the really feminine style I love,” says the Spanish designer. “I also created more heels than before this season. I want people to have fun in my shoes. They are inspired by the Twenties and I want people to be tango-ing in them – as well as flirting and flamenco dancing.” I don’t know about the flamenco bit, but these shoes will definitely add a bit of zing to your flirting technique.

Maloles’s first handbags will be available in stores including Liberty, Selfridges and Harrods as well as on line by the end of next month.

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