Lilian Garcia Gets Married (Photo Included), Umaga's New Wrestling Name, Tajiri

— Former WWE Diva Lilian Garcia announced on her Twitter account that she got married yesterday.

“I’m officially married…” she wrote. “One chapter closed last week, another started tonight.”

To see an image of the bride and the groom, click here.

— Former WWE star Umaga is now going under the name “Aumaga.” He is being advertised as such for Hulk Hogan’s upcoming wrestling tour of Australia, “Let the Battle Begin.” Other wrestling stars advertised to appear include Brutus Beefcake, Kishi (Rikishi), Black Pearl, Mr. Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy), Shanon Moore (Shannon Moore), Heidenreich, King V (Viscera), Godfather, Brian Knobs, Orlando Jordan, Vampire Warrior (Gangrel), Val Venise (Val Venis) and Jimmy Hart. For more information on the upcoming tour, visit

— Today is former WWE star Tajiri’s birthday. He turns 39. Also, Steve Blackman turned 46 yesterday.

See more photos of Lilian with her new husband (>>)

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