Latest Update on WWE’s Plans For Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

With all the recent media criticism of the current Saudi regime and their potential role in the killing of a journalist and several other businesses pulling their scheduled events and proceedings out of the country, the big question has been whether WWE will go ahead with Crown Jewel, which is scheduled for November 2nd.
According to PWInsider, as of today, the company is moving forward as if the event will happen and they are actually working on various logistics for the event, including finalizing talent travel plans and itineraries. With multiple weeks still left before The PPV, things could no doubt change but for now, WWE appears to be pretty much ignoring the backlash until they will be forced into a position to address the situation directly and/or be pressured to cancel it.
As previously reported, WWE has only released one brief sentence on the matter, indicating that they are currently “monitoring the situation.” It is also known that internally, the company is formulating some back up plans in case things go south. One of them is to simply cancel the entire event and move the big matches like The Universal Title Triple Threat and The D-X vs. Brothers of Destruction Matches to Survivor Series. The other option that is being considered is to find an alternate venue in a different country to hold the event, but this is said to be the less likely of the two scenarios.

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