Latest Backstage News On CM Punk's WWE Status, Plans Going Forward

WWE is reportedly continuing to distance themselves from CM Punk, with the assumption being that he will not be returning to the company.

One source within WWE noted recently that the script for the WWE Flintstones DVD project, which was originally slated to feature Punk, has been re-written. The script now features Rey Mysterio in a more prominent role.

Additionally, the Camp WWE animated series, which is expected to debut later in 2014, will also see Punk being removed.

Punk is, however, expected to remain as a character in the WWE Slam City animated series. The reason for that is the 24-episode series, which will serve as a promotional vehicle for the action figure line of the same name, has already been completed. Punk’s name will not be used in the promotional material for the show, and while his character will remain included, it will be downplayed in the publicity.

Finally, Punk has been taken off of all WWE promotional videos that air during live events and television tapings, including all of the footage of his recent WrestleMania match against The Undertaker. The clips of his bout with Undertaker were removed from a WrestleMania music video package that has been running in the arena’s at the start of every taping.

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