Lance Storm Rips Marc Mero, Ariel On eBay, Jamie Noble Gets Promotion

partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Jamie Noble is now a road agent in WWE. They want to put him charge of helping the cruiserweights put together their matches. He was put in the position because the majority of the current road agents are guys from the 70s and 80s, now in their late 40s & 50s, and they still have the mentality of how to work and what the fans want from that era. They needed someone more in touch with what’s going on today. Now that Vince McMahon has seen UFC, there was a push for him to get younger agents who have knowledge of UFC as well as the new moves that wrestlers use in Japan and ROH.

— Lance Storm has posted up a commentary on his website in which basically rips Marc Mero. What set him off is a comment Mero made on a talk show last Friday in which he said that he “had” to take painkillers and steroids to make it in wrestling. Storm them goes on to blast Mero’s comments, not to mention that he takes shots at his wrestling career. Storm disregards Mero’s in-ring talents and says that he was only in WCW because he took steroids and not because he was a good wrestler. You can read the biting commentary at this link.

— Former ECW Diva Shelly “Ariel” Martinez is auctioning off some costumes she wore in ECW. You can see the stuff she has up for auction at this link. It’s mostly corsets.

Ariel SHOOTS on Batista! (>>)

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