Kurt Angle Scolds Vince McMahon, D.H. Smith Turns Heel, Latest WWE Magazine

— TNA wrestler Kurt Angle is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine. The headline on the cover reads Kurt Angle: “I Gave You Seven Years Of My Life. Five Broken Necks. F**K You Vince”. You can see the cover at this link. They have an interview with Angle, which is where they got the quote from. “In WWE, I asked for that – I asked to go part time like those guys and Vince said, “I can’t do it. We have five hours of programming – you’re too important.” Well, screw you, Vince. I gave you seven years of my life. Five broken necks. F**k you. At that stage I was already talking to Dixie, so I knew I was leaving and going to a better place, and TNA has exploded.”

Angle also talks about being bored in WWE when he was under contract to them, and checking out the competition. Angle reveals what McMahon said to him when he said that WWE should use lightweight wrestlers such as AJ Styles and Chris Sabin instead of the likes of Batista. “At that point WWE was so stagnant. I was wrestling the same guys all the time and I was bored. I started watching TNA and I was like, “Oh my God, just look at AJ Styles! Look at Abyss! Look at Samoa Joe, he’s awesome! Look at Chris Sabin or Alex Shelley or even Sonjay Dutt! I wanna wrestle these guys! Why don’t we have guys like these in WWE?” So I asked, “Vince – what are you doing? Why are we picking up guys like Batista, who are 6’5″, 300 pounds and can’t even wrestle?” This was back when he couldn’t wrestle – he can now. I was saying, “Why don’t we pick up AJ – he’s only 190 pounds but he’s f**king awesome!” And Vince was like, “Kurt, you’re the real deal, so you can be 5’10″, 200 pounds, but we need the big guys.” “No we don’t, Vince – don’t discriminate! Let a 5’9″ guy win the title!”

Angle also talks about why Chris Jericho will never join the upper echelon in WWE (saying McMahon is holding Jericho down to his height), Brock Lesnar in UFC, Karen Angle, and more. Also in the interview, Angle forgets the name of The Great Khali; “Kalip or Dalip or whatever.” You can read the inerview at this link.

— Edge is on the cover of the May 2008 issue of WWE Magazine. He’s shown crawling on a platform. Also featured in the magazine are Michelle McCool, John Morrison and WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana. The magazine also features “35 Superstar Tips For Sculpting The Perfect Body.”

— The latest edition of WWE Heat features D.H. Smith working as a heel in a match with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Smith now has a new nickname, as he’s referred to as “Canadian Bulldog” D.H. Smith. Other matches on the show include Paul Burchill vs. Val Venis, Super Crazy vs. Charlie Haas, and Snitsky vs. JT Flash. You can watch Heat here.

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