Kurt Angle Says TNA Dropped The Ball On Two Wrestlers, Watch Impact Post Show

– Promoting TNA Wrestling’s upcoming tour of the United Kingdom and British Boot Camp in an interview with The Sun, Kurt Angle feels the company has underutilized Doug Williams and Magnus.

“I think that TNA as a whole might have dropped the ball a little bit with Doug Williams and Magnus, when you look at the talent they have,” said Angle. “They are starting to use Magnus and I believe they have big plans for him. But the reason I thought they might have dropped the ball is because he was so young when he started. They might have thought ‘he’s just a baby, we can wait,’ but four years later he’s still only 25.”

The interview is available here.

– TNA Wrestling has posted its latest IMPACT Post Show. Here is the synopsis: “Jeremy Borash is standing by as IMPACT WRESTLING goes off the air along with Todd Kenely. We hear from Bobby Roode right after his match with James Storm. Christopher Daniels is also on hand to give more insight into what happened between him and AJ Styles. We also get a word with Knockouts Referee Taryn Terrell about the Knockouts Royal and the new #1 Contender to the Knockouts Title.” (Watch)

Se Sarita’s see-through wrestling outfit ->

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