Karl Anderson Talks His Time in NJPW, Almost Signing With TNA

Karl Anderson recently appeared on The Steve Austin Show (transcript via ), here are the highlights…
On His Time With NJPW: “Being around guys that were better than me actually helped me. Did they teach me anything that I didn’t know? No, but being around them helped me polish myself.” Anderson continued, “it was good being around people who were better than me. Shinsuke Nakamura came there and look where he is now. He came there and we brothered up big time. We drank a lot… we read a lot of novels together. Shinsuke needed to go there too because he needed to brush [up]. He needed to get in there with people who were different and better than him. That’s what I learned a lot. These guys in Los Angeles [California] had different styles, lucha guys, Japanese guys. It’s all different and learning all that s–t’s good.”
On Sponsors in Japan Spending Money on Him: “I would say that one of my guys, his name is Oguchi-san, man, I bet he [has] probably spent, I mean, over the eight years that I’ve known him, he has probably spent $300,000 on me. And that’s for real!”

On He & Gallows Almost Going to TNA: “I remember when Gallows came [to NJPW] and the way we clicked over there, and I said, ‘man, we really, we’ve got to get into America somehow.’ Do you know what I mean? We almost went to TNA. Thank goodness WWE called in the same exact month, but I mean, we knew we had to do something. I wanted to get over here. WWE is the place to be. It’s the place we wanted to be. I wanted that exposure finally.”

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