Kaitlyn returning to WWE for this year's Mae Young Classic

The first entrant has been confirmed for this summer’s Mae Young Classic.

WWE announced via today that former Divas Champion Kaitlyn (real name Celeste Bonin), who was previously with the company from 2010-2014, will be taking part in the tournament. She retired in 2014 to focus on her fitness apparel business and marriage but returned to the ring this February for Coastal Championship Wrestling.

“Since I came back, I had the opportunity to work backward and really nail down the fundamentals and the basics — things that I really lacked during my first run with the WWE,” Bonin told ESPN. “Now I am bringing these newly honed and developed skills that I have acquired recently and I am combining that with my fearless attitude. And because I don’t have this rookie vibe about me, now I can really concentrate on surprising the WWE universe with all the things I have learned.”

Dave Meltzer reported last month that Bonin was backstage at the set of NXT television tapings that took place on June 21 and that there was talk of her returning.

Bonin has a YouTube channel where she’s documented her return to the ring, her life after getting divorced, and overcoming addiction issues after getting addicted to what she described as a legal research chemical.

This year’s Mae Young Classic will be taped at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida on August 8 and 9. There will be 32 wrestlers in the tournament.

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