John Cena Pays For Veteran’s Groceries

ET Online followed up on a reddit post to report that WWE Superstar John Cena recently paid for a retired veteran’s groceries at a Florida grocery store. Vietnam veteran Charles “Bud” Phillips was shopping at the Land O’Lakes area Publix, when the former WWE Champion thanked Phillips for his service upon seeing the veteran’s hat, and then secretly paid for his groceries.

Here is the full story from Phillips’s daughter Stefanie:

“My dad was behind him in the checkout line. They were chatting and John thanked my dad for his service [after]seeing his SeaBees hat,” she shared. “John secretly paid for all of his groceries. My dad didn’t even know until he was being checked out and the cashier said, ‘John paid for your groceries.’ The bill was around $100.”

Cena & Phillips took a selfie together, which eventually ended up on reddit.

Source :

ET Online

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