Jim Ross Q&A: Zayn's WWE Potential, Benoit/WWE HOF, Shane McMahon

Jim Ross recently updated the Q&A section of his website,, answering questions from fans regarding a wide variety of pro wrestling subjects. Below are some of the highlights.

On why WWE didn’t have Shane McMahon beat Undertaker at WrestleMania if they were going to have him run RAW anyways:

“Don’t have an answer for you…sorry. It’s obviously not that big an issue to WWE or they wouldn’t have forsaken their top Wrestlemania stipulation after 24 hours. Dave Meltzer and I address this matter on this week’s Ross Report Podcast.”

On Sami Zayn’s potential in WWE and rumors that AJ Styles has been working too stiff:

“Zayn is a main eventer in waiting and he’s likely not going to be waiting long. Talented, dedicated pro. BTW working stiff isn’t a crime but working in a careless manner is. Don’t believe all that you read or ‘hear.'”

On if he thinks Chris Benoit will be, or should be, inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“Old question with the same answer…if Chris could chime in I feel that he would not want to be inducted due to it becoming a distraction and all about the final days of his life and not about his in ring contributions.”

On what it would take for another brand split to work in WWE:

“The full and total commitment by upper management to pull the trigger. It won’t work unless the brand split stays clean IMO.”

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