Jim Ross Blog: WWE Network Delay In U.K., Vince McMahon's RAW Return, Rusev

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog.

On WWE Network launch delay in the U.K.: “@JRsBBQ on twitter has been deluged with questions from fans in the UK and Ireland about why the WWE Network did not launch as was promoted and was put on hold in the 11th hour. I have no idea what the issues were but my instincts would lean toward speculating that the matter had something to do with WWE’s broadcast partner Sky TV there. If so, how anyone would want to promote something that isn’t a solid 100% firm is reckless. These matters, if accurate, are the things that get people fired and disappoint consumers, neither of which is a good deal. The WWE is certainly due a break somewhere down the line as it relates to their much ballyhooed and maligned network.”

On Vince McMahon’s return at RAW: “With no John Cena on RAW, WWE rolled out Mr. McMahon which was a nice surprise. McMahon raised the stakes on the main event at Survivor Series inasmuch if the Authority’s team doesn’t win then they are no longer “in power.” I think that the authority figure persona has run it’s course, by and large, even though I have enjoyed the work of HHH and Stephanie the past several weeks. It just seems as if it is the same presentation over and over again. On a recent Ross Report Podcast in one of my opening monologs I suggested that one way to freshen up the current Authority figure personas was to have friction between HHH and his wife which could take on various incarnations and involve others.”

On Rusev: “Would love to hear the logic of beating Sheamus, via count out by Tyson Kidd, on RAW before the Irishman lost the US Title to Rusev later in the night on the WWE Network. Just as I mentioned on my podcast several weeks ago Rusev will make a good US Champion and Sheamus now has the ammo to turn villian.

It’s interesting as to why WWE apparently feels Rusev should be booed….apparently only because he’s Russian. The powerhouse rarely cheats, is a patriot to his native land, is a beast, isn’t a coward, and has not lost via pin or submission. What is there among those items that I am supposed to dislike? The nationalistic storylines can still work but the ‘foreigner’ still has to have heel tendencies and nuances.

Rusev should not lose until WM31 at the earliest and if he makes it to Summer Slam ‘clean’ it would mean so much more when someone finally knocks him off.”

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