Jake Roberts False Booked, MTV Blogs Zombie-RAW

– has an article up looking at Rob Zombie’s appearance on Monday’s WWE RAW. “Zombie, who was decked out in a Lou reed T-shirt (probably the first and only time that will be happening on WWE programming), did a fine job psyching up the crowd, and his natural charisma came across even as he was just reading names,” wrote MTV’s Kyle Anderson. “Considering a big part of his persona comes from a sort of demented ringmaster concept, he was a natural in the ring.”

– WWE legend Jake Roberts has issued the following statement where he claims to have been falsely booked on an upcoming show:

To my fans, friends, anybody else planning to show up August 15th, 2010 at Justin Credible’s Pro Wrestling Icons II show in Cromwell CT. I won’t be there. Any questions? Maybe YOU can get Justin to call you back. GOOD LUCK with that. Good luck if you are going, I’d sure make an advance inquiry as to who’s really going to be there, or if there is really a show. I have no idea what has happened, except everyone that I have spoken with that is involved has abandoned ship. I got the message, I hope you do too. Thanks, Jake

* PICTURE from THE UNDERTAKER’s Wedding – McCool Looks Beautiful! (Direct Link)

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