Jackie Gayda's TNA Status, The Naturals, Jay Lethal/Macho Man

sources:, Pro Wrestling Torch

Jackie Gayda-Haas is actually still under contract to TNA, but most people within the company expect that she’ll gone when her current deal expires in the fall. Gayda seems content on raising her child. They recently removed her pictures from the TNA Knockouts subsite.

The Naturals, Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens, are not under contract to TNA, but they are still going to be used by the company. For the time being, they’re only going to be used inenhancement roles on house shows.

Jay Lethal is currently pleased with his “Black Machismo” gimmick. He believes that he recently talked to Macho Man Randy Savage himself on the phone, who said he saw the gimmick on television. According to Lethal, Savage appreciates the gimmick’s presentation and sees it as a tribute, not a ripoff/joke. However, there are some doubts that he didn’t really talk to the real Randy Savage because his raspy voice isn’t that difficult to imitate. On the otherhand, Lethal claims that he got in contact with Savage through a common friend who is known to have ties with Savage, so the belief is strong that he talked to the original Macho Man Randy Savage.

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