Jackie Chan reveals ‘near-death’ stunt in upcoming film ‘Vanguard’

During a promotional event for the upcoming film Vanguard, the iconic action star Jackie Chan revealed that he was trapped underwater in a chase scene featuring his character steering an amphibious motorcycle.

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He recalled that the craft capsized in turbulent flow, trapping him under the water and making it hard for him to be seen by the on-set crew.

“Jackie was suddenly missing. I was extremely scared. Two rescue speedboats were immediately dispatched to launch a search. Luckily, we soon pulled him out of the water. At that every moment, I couldn’t hold my tears,” recalls director Stanley Tong.

As the ninth feature to reunite Chan and Tong, who have collaborated for over 30 years, the new movie tells the story of Vanguard, a fictional international security company which dispatches its elites to protect a Chinese businessman and his daughter, who have become targets of the world’s deadliest mercenary organization.

The film will open across China on the first day of the forthcoming Spring Festival, which will fall on Jan 25, 2020.

With a stellar cast, the film will also feature actors Yang Yang and Ai Lun, actresses Miya Muqi and Xu Ruohan, as well as singer and actor Zhu Zhengting.

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