Jack Swagger Talks About Changes In Wrestling In The Last Decade & More

Jack Swagger recently spoke with the folks at to promote the upcoming WWE tour of Abu Dhabi. Below are highlights from the interview.

On balancing showbiz aspect of his life to demands of being an athlete: “They go hand-in-hand and complement each other very well. I think it’s about understanding what each person excels at. It is something that you have to adjust to and prepare for, but it is amazing how it creates larger-than-life characters with great athletic ability.”

On the biggest changes in wrestling over the past decade: “There is more speed, definitely, and shorter matches. I think that is the evolution of sports in general. This generation is getting bigger and faster, and because of that, the style has also changed.”

On whether or not touring so much cuts into his personal time: “A wise person once told me that you always have to make plans to do what you want to do. We get our calendars for three months at a time so it’s very hard to plan for anything more than that, but I definitely try to plan my life.”

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