India Runs 277 Fake Universities, Delhi Tops The List With 66 Bogus Institutions

We all are aware of fake certificates that many students and seniors carry to get admissions into graduation, postgraduate programmes apart from getting a job. Once a verification process is initiated then only in-authenticityof such reports is exposed.

In today’s digital age, we all are surrounded by everything fake than real. Fake news, fake certificates, fake degrees and now fake universities! While this might not appall many of the readers, given the website of University Grants Commission (UGC) already mentions 22 of these in its official database, what is shocking is the increasing number of such universities.

According to a document tabled in the Lok Sabha on Monday by Minister of State Human Resource Development Satya Pal Singh, as many as 277 fake engineering colleges are operating in India with maximum number of these in Delhi, Indian Express reported.Click Here: st kilda saints guernsey 2019

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