Hogan’s Divorce Docu Set To Premiere Next Month, Taker UK Tour

As part of their new “Irreconcilable Differences” Series, a documentary on WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan & Linda Hogan’s marital issues & divorce is set to premiere on Thursday, November 1st at 9 PM ET on REELZChannel. Below is the plot of WWE Hall Of Famer & Legend Hulk Hogan & Linda Hogan’s New Irreconcilable Differences Series:
“Hulk Hogan’s trademark bandana look and catchphrase “Hulkamania is running wild, brother” endeared him to fans. He became the most recognizable and well-liked wrestler in the WWE soaring to international fame and fortune. But life on the road presented challenges for the marriage between Hulk and Linda Hogan. Traveling upwards of 300 days a year proved difficult for the young couple and Hulk was not always the ideal, faithful husband. In 2005, the family begin filming their VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best but life in the ever-increasing spotlight only magnifies the couple’s issues. Hulk thinks Linda’s drinking is out of control and Linda’s obsession over Hulk’s suspected infidelities is becoming all-consuming. The couple finally splits amidst one of the biggest media and celebrity scandals ever. It seems that Hulk’s tawdry liaison with a friend’s wife has not only ruined two marriages but becomes a benchmark case for freedom of the press. Reality show life coach Patrick Wanis will provide new insight as to what really went on behind the scenes of Hogan Knows Best where he worked directly with the Hogan family.”
Speaking of WWE Legend, Inside The Ropes in The UK has recently announced a “Rise of The Taker” three-stop appearance tour with The Undertaker in the spring of 2019. The Undertaker will appear in London on April 30th, in Glasgow on May 1st and in Manchester on May 2nd. Tickets go on sale October 31st. You can check out the announcement below made by Inside The Ropes in The UK regarding The Undertaker’s UK Tour in 2019:

As Kenny announces the end of ITR live shows…..he is interrupted by THE UNDERTAKER!!!! The Dead Man is coming to the U.K. with ITR! OMG!!!! #undertaker
— Inside The Ropes (@Inside_TheRopes) October 23, 2018

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