Giant Ex-NXT Rookie Aloisa Talks About Whether She'd Work For WWE Again

6’9” Ex NXT Rookie Aloisa (Isis) recently sat down with Matt & JD from Ring The Bell Radio for an interview. During the interview Isis discusses how she got into wrestling, why she got fired from WWE and what the future holds for the 6’9” Amazon. Below are some highlights. You can listen to the full interview at:

How she got into wrestling: “I was doing a trade show down in Miami and I came into contact with these guys who basically owned and operated CCW (Costal Championship Wrestling) which is Jimmy Snuka’s school. So I started going to the school probably 3 times a week and that is how I got involved.”

How long it was until she got picked up by FCW (WWE’s Training Territory): “About 8 months into my training I had a tryout with the WWE and I had another tryout about 10 months after that. So about a year and half until I was signed. But I really missed out on all of the fundamentals. I started the training and then they (WWE) wanted to throw me on all of the shows right at the start. I never really learned how to bump right, ya know? They just wanted me on TV doing the standard “Giant Stuff”. But now I’m training again and going back to the basics and learning things the right way.”

Wrestlers she looked up to and still looks up to: “I don’t look up to anybody, I look down on them! Haha. No, my all time favorites are Chris Jericho and The Undertaker.”

Which women she would love to wrestle: “From the time I saw her I wanted to wrestle Awesome Kong. I think a match between her and I would be fantastic!”

After all that happened, would she ever want to work for WWE: “Honestly it all depends. Not just for WWE but for any promotion. It depends on what I’m working on at the time, it depends what they would be offering and really depend on where I’m going with my career. If they call back and I don’t have any other contracts at the time, then sure I’d go work for WWE. There’s no animosity toward them at all. They run a business and at the time, I didn’t fit into their business plan.

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