Gear to Extend Your Camping Season


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You’ve got the four-season tent and the winter sleeping bag, but there are still a few key accessories that you can add to your kit to help extend your camping into the coldest months.

Your four-season bag is warm, but why not make it warmer? This mummy-style sleeping bag liner can add up to 25 degrees to the rating of your existing bag. At 14 ounces, it’s not the lightest sleeping bag liner on the market, but it’s easily one of the highest-rated winter liners you can buy.

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The Ghost Whisperer jacket is a staple layer for cold-weather adventures, and the pants should be a staple for cold-weather camping. They look a little silly, but you’ll be the one laughing once you surround your legs with 800-fill hydrophobic down, which maintains its loft and heat retention even when wet. You can sport them solo, or layer them under another pair of pants.

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There are down blankets, and then there are down blankets built for winter camping. This is the latter. The Cloud 9 is stuffed with 800-fill power down and has a quilted box pattern so the insulation doesn’t migrate. Think of it as a four-season sleeping bag that you can share around the campfire at night.

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The Polar Buff is super warm thanks to a fleece lining. Wear it as a bandana over your head, drop it down to keep your neck warm, or pull it up over your nose and chin if there’s a breeze. It’s a handy layer that weighs nothing and deserves to be in your winter kit.

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