FCC Chair Ajit Pai 'Shows Just How Dumb He Thinks Americans Are' With Video Mocking Net Neutrality

Killing net neutrality protections “will have a devastating effect on free speech online”—and FCC chair Ajit Pai thinks it’s funny.

“Ajit Pai decided to show us just how dumb he thinks Americans are.”
—Quincy Larson

That was the message many took away from a video Pai recorded with the right-wing publication the Daily Caller, in which the FCC chair and former Verizon lawyer outlines “a few of the things you will still be able to do on the Internet after these Obama-era regulations are repealed”—which include “take selfies with your pets” and “binge watch your favorite shows.”

Watch the video, which was published just hours ahead of the FCC’s vote to kill net neutrality on Thursday:

In the weeks leading up to the FCC’s vote on Thursday, Pai has shown what critics have called complete “disregard” for the views of the American public, ignoring both opinion polls and a record-breaking number of public comments opposing his plan to eliminate net neutrality. The video published on Wednesday exuded similar contempt, commentators argued.


“After ignoring millions of public comments on net neutrality for months, Ajit Pai decided to show us just how dumb he thinks Americans are. And no this isn’t fake. This really is the chairman of the FCC in a video created by a clickbait journalism site,” concluded Quincy Larson, a teacher at

Responding to Pai’s video, Chad Marlow, advocacy and policy counsel for the ACLU, listed five things massive telecom companies will be able to do if net neutrality is killed.

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