Elias On Why He Was Called Up Quickly, How He Created His Gimmick, What He Still Wants To Achieve, More

WWE Superstar, Elias recently spoke with Cultaholic at the WWE 2K19 press event where he talked about creating his gimmick and what he wants to achieve. You can see some highlights from the interview below and watch the full video above.

On WWE 2K19 and which character he would play as:

“First time ever playing WWE 2K19 and I was blown away by it, I am not a big gamer but the details that they put into it and the way I move and things like that are incredible. I would pick Jake the Snake or Macho Man.”

How he feels about the Performance Center:

“This place was home to Elias for a few years and I’ve been through the whole ringer and all the steps so it is very interesting to be back and remember. The environment is so good here the vibe amongst everyone is cool, they make everything better.”

Why he was called up so quickly:

“It’s hard to say why I got called up quick but it seemed like it was the right time for me. The reason, I think it’s obvious now if you watch  Raw and see how the world reacts to Elias, to me it was an easy decision to put Elias on Monday Night Raw.”

What he wants to achieve in wrestling:

“There’s plenty to achieve, I think a championship needs to come my way sooner than later. I still have unfinished business with Seth Rollins, we had our match at Money In The Bank and he ended up cheating to win, the way I see it, give me another crack at him because I can beat him. But just bigger, grander, better performances in front of more people.”

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Creating his current gimmick:

“It really just came from real life. I remember sitting with Dusty Rhodes and telling him about my life and one day I brought my guitar in and I was telling a story and playing a little guitar in between and he said that was cool. The way I sit on a stool and tell stories, I used to do that before anyone knew who Elias was outside of the Armouries talking to fans.”

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