Echoing US Teachers, Thousands in Mexico Continue Fight Against So-Called Ed. 'Reform'

The momentum of striking teachers in Mexico showed no signs of abating on Wednesday, as 12 thousand teachers retook the streets of Mexico City, continuing their struggle against what they see as education privatization.

The demonstration, during which “anti-riot police fortified the area” around the presidential residence,  comes a day after Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto enacted an education reform package that has been met with weeks of protests and encampments in the central square.

The Associated Press reports that Wednesday’s action was the 14th time in two months that the teachers brought the city’s center to a halt.

Protests were also held in other states including Oaxaca, where, Agence France-Presse notes, teachers say

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As we reported earlier, the reform

Uprising radio adds that

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For more on the teachers’ strike, see the video below from The Real News Network:


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