EC3 On How Things Have Changed Since He Returned to NXT, Which Top WWE Star He Wants to ‘Vanquish’ at WrestleMania

WWE NXT star EC3, who will be making his NXT TV debut on next week’s show, recently spoke with and below are some interview highlights.

WWE.COM: How have things changed since the last time you were around these parts?

EC3: Upon my return at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, I came to the realization that, after all these years, I know who I am, and there is victory in that. I have been through professional and personal hells. In the past, I was misguided. I was happy I got to live my dream as my profession and be one of the boys. Enjoy time with friends and family, fall in love and show up every day with a smile on my face and a good attitude. I was satisfied with just working really hard, and if it’s not my time, well, we’ll get them next time! I was optimistic and lost. Now I take everything personally. This is a ruthless world, and one must be ruthless to cope with it. I do not have a dream; I have a vision. I do not seek happiness. I seek success. The only comfort I get in life is victory, after victory, after victory.

WWE.COM: What was it like for you to almost immediately be thrust into the spotlight of a high-profile match at TakeOver: New Orleans for the newly created North American Championship?

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EC3: The only light I seek is that proverbial spotlight. It was earned, and it was deserved. The only problem is that it was merely a taste. It is now something I crave. It’s a hunger that is unquelled, and I desire it.

WWE.COM: Are there any Superstars that you can’t wait to face at some point?

EC3: Yes. I want to vanquish John Cena at WrestleMania.

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