Daniel Bryan Says WWE Has Banned Footage Of Him Wrestling

While promoting the Total Bellas show, Daniel Bryan did a Q&A on YouTube, where he was asked why his wife, Brie Bella, didn’t upload video of her training for her in-ring return, which she had promised upon reaching 800,000 YouTube subscribers.

As it turns out, Brie did record a video of her training for her in-ring return, but WWE prohibited her from posting it. Why? Because Bryan was training with her in the video, and WWE doesn’t want to show footage of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion doing anything physical in the ring.

“I actually did do some [training]and they weren’t allowed to be shown,” Bryan said. “I did what everyone asked, I did it for 800,000 (Youtube followers), and it wasn’t allowed to be aired, because they’re not allowed to show me doing anything wrestling-wise.”

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