Daniel Bryan On His Favorite WWE Stars, Best NXT Prospect, Hall of Famer He Wanted to Wrestle

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WWE Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, and below are some interview highlights:

On his favorite WWE stars to watch:

“One of my favorite guys to watch at WWE is AJ Styles,” said Bryan. “So, on the WWE stage, I would like to wrestle AJ Styles, only because I wrestled John Cena before.”

On who in WWE he wishes he could have wrestled:

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“I was really disappointed I never got to wrestle Shawn Michaels,” said Bryan. “He trained me and that was the one match I never got to have.”

On the one drawback to being WWE Champion:

“The only thing that wasn’t cool was traveling with the championship title through TSA. Once they see the belt, it’s the same kind of thing as before when they’ll say, ‘You’re a wrestling champion?’ At least I had the title to prove it, that part was very validating.”

On which NXT star he has his eye on:

“It’s hard to pick one person, but I really like Drew Galloway,” said Bryan. “Drew was let go by WWE, but he went out on his own and made a name for himself by wrestling his butt off all over the world.”

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