Dalton Castle On Being A ROH Guy, Finding Out He Would Become Champion, Goals For Future

Dalton Castle was a guest on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week in his first interview as the new Ring Of Honor Champion.

Within the interview Castle discussed Ring Of Honor’s future, when he found out he would be champion amongst a variety of other topics, below are some highlights from the interview.

Being A ‘Ring Of Honor Guy’

“I would say they are the first company to give me a bigger stage to perform on and I would say that they are the reason that anybody in the majority of the world knows who I am. I am an ROH guy and nobody else built me up. I am very happy to carry that brand and I am very proud of it. Now to be at the very top and be the pinnacle guy on their card it’s cool and I’m glad you are positive about it.”

Finding Out When He Would Become Champion

“I don’t remember how early but I didn’t tell anybody, it didn’t feel real. It felt like the second I say it, it would be taken away because that is pro wrestling. I have seen my friends be told one thing and then we are at the hotel they find out through a third party it isn’t, which it shouldn’t affect you anyway but you have prepared mentally for one thing.”

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Goals As ROH Champion

“I want to fight in more countries, specifically for ROH, I want to bring a little more flavor to this, no matter what the purists think, they are wrong, that’s what they want to see. I want to start doing more stuff in Japan. I have yet to make a real impact over there and if I am going to move in one direction, the next logical step as champion is to do more in Japan.” 

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