Daily Update: Elimination Chamber odds, Goldberg, UFC 208 fallout

Curt Hawkins vs. Mojo Rawley (preshow match) – Nothing much to this one.  Rawley should win since Hawkins’ job here is to lose.  Rawley is the one who is in need of a breakout performance.
Dolph Ziggler vs. Apollo Crews & Kalisto – The very idea of this match is ludicrous.  Ziggler is having trouble getting over as a heel, so he’s booked in a position where he’s the underdog battling the odds.  Crews is having trouble getting over as a face, so he’s booked in the ultimate no-win position.  Crews & Kalisto are -1545 favorites. 
Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch – This could be the sleeper match on the show.  Either one could win but should be good.  Lynch is the -2045 favorite.
Nikki Bella vs. Natalya – This has been pushed hard on television and both women are over with the crowd.  Natalya is doing an interesting heel character but I don’t think people buy her as a heel.  They may pretend to do so as the match takes place but I don’t think they really believe it.  Still, some of her liens are funny.  Given that Nikki is in a big match at Mania, she probably should win and is a -350 favorite.
Tag team gauntlet matches for the titles with Jason Jordan & Chad Gable, The Usos, Vaudevillains, The Ascension, Heath Slater &  Rhyno and Tyler Breeze & Fandango – With the Wyatts not a team anymore, the tag team division is weak in the sense none of the teams except American Alpha are pushed seriously.  They need to create a rival for Jordan & Gable, and the best of the bunch is the Usos.  Problem is as we notes on draft day, the only real tag team feud of significant is Jordan & Gable vs. Usos, and it’s been done already recently.  I’d have put the Usos over just to create a chase, but Jordan & Gable are -5100 favorite, so doesn’t look like that will happen.
Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi for women’s title.  Naomi is a -5075 favorite to get her hand raised. 
Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper.  Orton is headed to the WWE title match at WrestleMania so he really should win here.  It’s actually a bigger match for Harper, since Orton is a star either way.  Harper is in with a great wrestler and if he can put on a great performance in losing, it’ll help his standing as he’s right now in a point in his career going single that he can go one of two ways.  He probably can’t win, so he has to do the next best thing which is have people talk about him as having put on a great match when it’s over.  Orton is a -4500 favorite.
Elimination chamber for WWE title:  John Cena, Bray Wyatt, A.J. Styles, The Miz, Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin – Wyatt is a -8500 favorite.  Basically this is the only result that if Vince McMahon changes it, he has to revamp WrestleMania main event plans as well.  All the other results don’t matter at all in the big picture. (thanks to David Taylor for odds)

        Looking at the show on paper, it looks good, but not really a big marquee shows.  Interest in the Smackdown shows overall have been way down from the Raw shows.  The chamber should be very good, perhaps excellent and Orton vs. Harper should also be strong.  Tag team gauntlet needs 20 minutes or so to work, and aside from Jordan & Gable, the teams aren’t over and haven’t been pushed (well, Rhyno gets a great reaction but that’s more a cult thing as opposed to anything) and there’s a good chance that opens the show.  Ziggler vs. Kalisto & Crews will be good for moves but as a story, it’s swimming upstream.  So a lot here depends on the women.


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WCPW launch the 2017 Pro Wrestling World Cup in the UK  
UFC 208 live results: Holm vs. de Randamie; Silva vs. Brunson  
Chavo Guerrero Sr. passes away at 68 years old  
NJPW New Beginning in Osaka live results: Naito vs. Elgin


DragonKing Dark: Divided We Fall 2/12
DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Just Keep On Truckin’!!! 2/12
WOR: Death of Chavo Guerrero Sr., New Japan and UFC PPV reviews, Elimination Chamber, more! 2/12
Wrestling Weekly: Hansen vs. Andre, Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, mailbag 2/10

We’re looking for reports on today’s WWE house show in Fairbanks, Alaska, today’s ROH show in Columbus, OH and last night’s WWE show in Anchorage, Alaska to

We’re also looking for your thoughts on tonight’s Elimination Chamber, and yesterday’s UFC 208 and NJPW New Beginning in Osaka, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match for all three shows to

WCPW TRUE DESTINY (show took place earlier today at from Milton Keynes, England

Pentagon Jr. vs. Drago
Bea Priestley vs. ? (Tessa Blanchard was pulled from the show due to getting a role in the new movie being filmed on Paige)
Rampage Brown vs. Primate I Quit match
Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Travis Banks
Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet
Moss & Slater in open challenge for tag titles in a ladder match
Drew Galloway vs. Joe Hendry for WCPW title
Kurt Angle vs. Alberto El Patron

Besides Elimination Chamber, WWE Raw has a house show on Sunday in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Raw will be on Monday from Las Vegas. Neither Bill Goldberg nor Brock Lesnar are scheduled for the show. There is also a Smackdown brand house show in Oakland, CA at the Oracle Arena.

Smackdown will be Tuesday from Anaheim, CA.

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY: 2/6/2017: How WWE got it right with Goldberg this time 

Over a decade after their match at Madison Square Garden was nearly booed out of the building, it’s remarkable that Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar will once again be a marquee match on a WrestleMania card in 2017. Their collision course that became inevitable once Goldberg was booked to dominate Lesnar at Survivor Series took the next step forward on last week’s Raw as Paul Heyman challenged Goldberg to the rematch on behalf of Lesnar… Subscribers click here to continue.

WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: February 13, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: NJPW New Beginning review, WWE Fast Lane/Elimination Chamber cards, more 

An update on the WWE’s WrestleMania plans and then two PPV’s leading to WrestleMania is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  We update the situation with the Seth Rollins vs. HHH proposed match, new matches that have changed due to injuries, update injured talent and a new proposed championship match on the Mania show, as well as more on different planned matches.

We also look at plans for both Elimination Chamber and Fast Lane.

We’ve got full coverage of the New Beginning in Sapporo show headlined by Kazuchika Okada vs. Minoru Suzuki, with match-by-match coverage with star ratings, poll results and business notes. We look at the build up angle and the story behind the main event, and this week’s show in Osaka.

We look at the big coup by WWE Studios working with Dwayne Johnson, a current WWE star being talked about for doing MMA, Kurt Angle talks wrestling in WWE, NXT Takeover Orlando notes, and lots of thoughts on the XFL documentary and key points that were not in.

We also have more WWE WrestleMania week plans, more on Mike Adamle and his battle against dementia and his background, update on a lot of WWE injuries, a surprise coach at the Performance Center and update on where that come from, and another WWE movie project.

We also have tons of notes on the wrestlers brought to the Performance Center this past week as well as other athletes for tryouts, including who they are and their backgrounds including some very unique prospects. We also look at the most-watched shows of the past week on the network as well as a rundown of all the WWE and NXT arena events this past week with both highlights and business notes.

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WON BACK ISSUE: January 17, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Death of Gary Albright, Observer awards, more 

Gary Albright, a former world class amateur wrestling star and headliner on many big shows as a pro in Japan, died after collapsing in the ring at an independent show in Hazleton, PA before about 100 fans on 1/7. He was 36. The preliminary reports from the corner attributed the death of the 6-foot-4, 340-pound powerhouse to a heart attack, technically speaking a combination of severe atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus and acute pulmonary edema… Subscribers click here to continue.


Bryan and I will be back late tonight covering Elimination Chamber, more notes from UFC last night and other news.  We have a show up right now covering Chavo Guerrero, NJPW New Beginning in Osaka and UFC 208 among other subjects.
Last night’s UFC 208 had more than 500,000 searches on Google.  Generally that means the show won’t be a monster, but nobody expected it would be, but probably won’t be too bad.  Still, there have been shows that have done barely over 200,000 buys that have hit 500,000 searches.  The most searched individual name, likely meaning the biggest draw on the show, was Anderson Silva and not Holly Holm.
Holm last night said that she thought Germaine de Randamie’s last punches were intentional.  There were a lot of questions with the officiating in the main event, as well as a very questionable standup in the Glover Teixeira vs. Jared Cannonier fight.  De Randamie hit Holm with a punch after the horn after both the second and third rounds.  The second round was blatant and should have had a point docked.  The third wasn’t as bad, but since it was the second time, that should have been a point docked given the first one didn’t.  No point was docked.  De Randamie won the title on straight 48-47 scores.  UFC was hopeful of setting up a Holm vs. Cyborg fight for that title.  As far as the decision went, I had it 48-47 for Holm, but the rounds were close enough that I can’t fault the judges.  In the Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson fight, that judging was a little more questionable.  I had Brunson winning 29-28, but the first round was close and it wasn’t a robbery like people are making it out to be.  But Eric Colon’s 30-27 card for Silva can’t be defended.
In the main event judging, Sal D’Amato gave de Randamie rounds one through three; Chris Lee gave her one, three and four and Jeff Mullen gave her one through three.  Media scores were 63 percent for Holm. In Silva vs. Brunson, Derek Cleary gave rounds one and three to Silva; Eric Colon gave all three rounds to Silva and Douglas Crosby gave two and three to Silva.  Media scores were 84 percent for Brunson.  
Dana White publicly said it wasn’t one of the better shows.  He was critical of the judging and of main event referee Todd Anderson.  To that point, the UFC only gave out three bonuses instead of four, one to Jacare Souza for his submission, and one each for Dustin Poirier and Jim Miller, who had unquestionably the best fight.
Germaine de Randamie’s title win was big news in The Netherlands.  It was covered on every news outlet including the major network news shows and the feeling is if UFC has her defend in Amsterdam or Rotterdam the show would be a big success. (thanks to Henk Mulder)
The second half of the New Beginning show is worth going out of your way to see, particularly Dragon Lee vs. Hiromu Takahashi and Tetsuya Naito vs. Michael Elgin.  We’ve only in mid-February and this year is loaded with match of the year contenders. With the New Beginning show over, I expect the Honor Rising shows and the New Japan Cup lineups to be announced today or tomorrow.  Adam Cole vs. Yoshi-Hashi for the ROH title is scheduled for the Honor Rising show.  Among those on the shows include War Machine, Briscoes, Jay Lethal, Silas Young, Dalton Castle, Damien Martinez, Delirious, Juice Robinson, Will Ospreay, Kenny Omega, Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, Tonga Roa, Hangman Page, Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes.
Bill Goldberg has been added to both the 2/27 and 3/6 Raw shows.  He would be expected on 2/27 since that’s the Fast Lane go-home show and he’s headlining that card.  The 3/6 show is the day after, the first show with the hard push for Mania, and he and Brock Lesnar are the key match on that show.
Pro Wrestling Sheet reported Tessa Blanchard and Thea Trinidad have roles in the movie “Fighting with My Family,” put on by Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Entertainment, about Paige.  The movie is currently filming in Los Angeles.
The T-shrits Baron Corbin wears on television are from the husband of Rosa Mendes’ company. (thanks to Matt McCarthy and others)
The final episode of Legends with JBL, an interview with Jimmy Hart, will be airing on Tuesday on the WWE network.

Results from our panel picks for UFC 208:
5-0: John Pollock
4-1: Dave Meltzer
3-2: Mike Sempervive, Josh Nason, Mike Sawyer. Steve Juon, Ryan Frederick, David Bixenspan, Front Row Brian
2-3: Paul Fontaine

WCPW has an iPPV show going on today headlined by Kurt Angle vs. Alberto El 
Ian Riccaboni was the lead announcer at the ROH TV tapings last night in Pittsburgh.  However, Kevin Kelly will be the lead announcer for the 2/26 and 2/27 ROH shows at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.
Great North Wrestling announced that on its 5/13 show in Hawkesbury, ONT at the Smiths Falls Memorial Center that every match will take place inside an MMA cage.  The main event is Hannibal vs. Wes Brisco. 
Pure Wrestling Association from Friday night in Guelph, ONT:  Carl LeDuc b Brandon Jacobs, Joey Allen & Mr. Atlantis b Aiden Rayne & Paul Wright, Eddie Osbourne b Hardcore Hick, Josh Alexander b Andrew Davis, Eric Cairnie b Mike Bailey.
Pure Wrestling Association from last night in Kitchener, ONT:  Andrew Davis NC Brandon Jacobs, Andrew Davis & Brandon Jacobs b Jimmy King & Joey Allen, Eric Cairnie b Lenny Lilac, Carl LeDuc b Hardcore Hick, Eddie Osbourne b Beautiful Beaa, Josh Alexander b Mike Bailey. (thanks to Steven Ashe)
Atomic Wrestling Entertainment from last night in Cocoa, FL before 250 fans:  Ax Clover & CJ O’Doyle won Battle Royal, Alex Todd b Vertigo Rivera, Chasyn Rance b Chris Silvio, Nick Nero and Adam Ace to win cruiserweight title, Aaron Epic b Tripp Cassidy, Jesse Neal b JD Amazing, Sinn Bodhi b Chico Adams, Terrence & Terrell Dudley (Devon’s sons) b La Dinamita Solar & Jason Dugan, Brandi Lauren won three-way over Amber Nova and Lacey Lane, Cole Radrick b Slade Porter, CT Brown, Dale Patrick, Percy Davis and Ace Perry, CJ O’Doyle b Axx Clover to win heavyweight title.  Next show is 3/29 in Orlando at Gilt Night Club and 4/21 in Cocoa at the Expo. (thanks to Al Haft)
Although this had been reported for weeks, TNA made it official that the next tapings of Impact will be 3/2 to 3/5 in Orlando at Universal.
Cross Body Pro Wrestling Family Day on 2/18 in Kitchener, ONT at 69 Agnes St. with Alessandro De Bruno vs Tyler Thomas vs. Mike Bailey.
CZW had its 18th anniversary show last night in Voorhees, NJ before a sellout crowd.  There was a big celebration for wrestling fan Kevin Hogan, who was killed in a truck accident on 2/2.  The entire locker room came out and fans were loudly chanting his name.  Owner DJ Hyde and Vice President Maven Bentley brought out Hogan’s family and inducted Hogan into the CZW Hall of Fame.  Hyde was really sad here.  People who hadn’t been to shows in eight or nine years came to see this ceremony and the promotion apparently did a great job with this.

Jake Crist b Sami Callihan
Tim Donst b Anthony Deppen
Homicide & Mercedes Martinez b Greg Excellent & Chrissy Rivera
Dave Crist b Rickey Shane Page
Maxwell Jacob Feinstein b Billy Danvers when SHLAK and Dan O’Hare destroyed Danvers
Joe Gacy b Shigehiro Irie to keep the CZW world title
Joey Janela b Stockade after a power bomb through cinder blocks to keep the CZW Wired title
Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz b EYFBO
David Starr DDQ Matt Riddle in an excellent match with the wXw Shotgun title up against the Progress Atlas title
Drew Blood & Devon Moore b Danny Havoc & Conor Claxton. 

        Next show is 3/11 in Voorhees, NJ at Flyers Skate Zone with EYFBO vs Dub Boyz and Jeff Cannonball & Joey Janelsa vs. Matt Tremont & Stockade 



The Empire bus to WrestleMania will cost $50.00 and will be round trip from Rosen Inn at 9000 International Drive 32819 (a few blocks away from Wrestlcon).
The bus will leave at 4pm (time subject to change) for WrestleMania and will leave WrestleMania no later then one hour after the show. If you would like a seat email Ed at or message him on the BOARD~! for Paypal payment instructions.


WHAT: Dinner at Texas de Brazil
WHEN: Friday March 31st
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WHO: All your best empire buddies
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Today in Professional Wrestling History (2/12): Christian Cage wins gold in TNA


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